How 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'information was started



How 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' information was started NPO Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth

(By Takashi)

Let me introduce the information from Let's solve the enigma of the earth . The NPO Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth

The site Let's solve the enigma of the earth was produced by Ms Taeko Shiraki who gets the information through channeling.
As her site is, to our sorrow, mainly composed of Japanese, many people in the world cannot read it.

Therefore, Takashi, the caretaker of this site wanted to introduce it in English with the permission by Ms Taeko Shiraki( Main person of 'The NPO Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth for the Peace of the Earth.').
Please refer to the below site about more info.
How is this information conveyed by the beings from the sky?

Ms Taeko Shiraki writes her comment to the visitors of her site in the following web page.
Thank you for your visiting my site.

Though I explained Ms Taeko Shiraki got the info through channeling, you may get doubtful when you hear the word, "channeling", because it has caused many troubles and have come to be regarded as suspicious today.
However there are two types of channelings, according to Ms Taeko Shiraki.
One is given by the vicious stars which like to rule other stars and send much stronger channeling power.
As energy bodies of those vicious stars draw near the humans, the channeling power of them is strong enough and easy to get.
Humans who get the channeling power of them can hear the voice from those vicious energy body, because those energy bodies intrude into our bodies and occupy our consciousness.
When we try to be lost in meditation, our consciousness is lost and the energy bodies of those vicious stars intrude into our selves, when big sound of the voice of those energy bodies sound in the channelers' head.
So it is not an exaggeration to say that almost all the channelings on the earth are the ones from those vicious stars.

The other is given by Sagittarius whose beings came to the earth and made human beings on the earth in ancient times.
The beings from Sagittarius arranged the environment of the earth for the living of the humans and they lived happily with humans.
Humans worshiped the beings from Sagittarius as Stone gods as they gave food to humans and taught various things for the living.
However vicious stars watched them from the universe and envied the beings from Sagittarius.
Consequently they sent the snakes to the earth and solidified the bodies of the beings from Sagittarius to the stones.
The beings from Sagittarius knew that they would be solidified by the vicious stars but wanted humans to know that humans were made by them after they were forced to become the stone.
Therefore they turned into many statues, buildings and mysterious megaliths in order to show that humans would realize that humans were made by the beings from Sagittarius.
Now the beings from Sagittarius and the supporters of them in the universe began to send the information to the earth as there appeared the human who can get the information through the channeling on the earth.
However the power of Sagittarius is too faint and too hard to get it by human beings.
The channelers who get the info from Sagittarius can't hear the voice.
They get the info by the movement of channelers' tongues.
When the tongues move, channelers have to change those movements of the tongues to words.
It is not the easy feat to translate the movements of the tongues to words.
So only few can do the feat on the earth.
The channeling from Sagittarius is given to Ms Taeko Shiraki (Japanese woman)who is one of the few persons to be able to receive channeling power from Sagittarius.
As science had not been developed in ancient times, there were many who were able to get the channeling power from Sagittarius.
But the development of science has robbed humans of the ability to get the faint channeling power from Sagittarius.
Therefore only few who have the ability to get it have been left on the earth today.
By contrast almost all the channeling power is from the vicious Ruler's Stars which want to dominate the humans.
Those channelings with strong power from the energy bodies of Ruler's Stars tell good at first but they gradually come to order terrifying contents or predict the terrifying future and try to manipulate the recipients.
Sadly enough almost all the Gurus of religions get the channeling info from the Ruler's Stars and hear the voice.
Those voices usually tell they are the ones from God.
Most people who have got the voices which insist they are the ones from God usually don't doubt what the voices say.

That is why there are too many conflicts on the earth owing to religions.
Moreover she (Ms Taeko Shiraki) was told there is the relationship between earthquakes and clouds through channeling.
Though the relation may not been recognized scientifically, countless images of clouds which predict the earthquakes have been gathered to her following site from all over Japan.

She surely thinks there is a close relation between earthquakes and clouds.
However she can't predict when and where the earthquake happens, because the beings which causes the earthquakes don't know the name of the place, the date and time, as those beings are ones related to the world of the subconscious mind.
There is not the concept of time or hour in the world of the subconscious mind
Therefore they can't tell the time when the earthquakes will happen.
What she wants to let people know is both clouds and the rocks on the earth have 'the subconscious mind'.
The beings which causes earthquakes tell her why the earthquakes happen.
However it is hard to explain briefly, she says.
Please recall her channeling is got by translating the movement of her tongue and the mouth it is too hard to change those movements of tongue to words.
If her channeling info were got from the voice like those ones from the Ruler's Stars, it would be very easy to understand the channeling info.
But her channeling is completely different from the other channelings which get the voice from energy body that occupy the human bodies.
As it is too hard for translating the movement of the tongue to words, it took her long to get accustomed to translate the movement of her tongue to words.
She wants the reader of her site will notice atoms have the consciousness.
They were the beings who descended to the earth in ancient times.
Those beings made the earth and created the environment in which creatures can live happily.
Those beings are called Stone gods and Stone humans.
You may be surprised to find the unknown words like Stone gods and Stone humans.
Please refer to the below site about Stone gods and Stone humans.
How humans were born.

You will also be surprised if you are told they made megalithic civilization on the earth.
Moreover you will be shocked when you are told humans were made in the stone circles by Stone humans or Stone gods.
The beings in the universe made a lot of Megalithic ruins to show it to humans.
Please refer to the below site for the images of megalithic civilization.
Megalithic civilization

Ms Taeko Shiraki explains with a lot of evidences on the earth that stones, rocks and mountains have the consciousness.
Sadly enough those who got the info from Sagittarius in Europe of the Middle Ages were killed by execution of burning in 'witch-hunting'.
Those who got the info from Sagittarius in old age in Japan also were all killed.
The people who were dominated by the Ruler's Stars sealed off the info from Sagittarius.
The info which tell stones and rocks as well as atoms have the conscious mind have been sealed off.
You will understand how the info from Sagittarius have been sealed off in this site.
When humans understand rocks and stones can tell, our civilization may be able to enter into new stage .
Is Millennium about to start?
No, it is not about to start, because it is too hard to understand rocks and stones have consciousness, moreover it is too hard to know atoms have consciousness.
I can't help admitting that it will take a lot of time before humans understand it.
If you doubt the word 'channeling', please refer to Two types of channeling. as the page explains in detail there are two types in channelings.

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