The vision which shows stars send energy and many creatures to the earth.

The SKY (SORA) Info


The vision which shows stars send energy and many creatures to the earth.

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is from"Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

January 30,2002

The vision which shows stars send energy and many creatures to the earth.

When I was napping, I saw a vision.

The thing like the whirlpool in the photo below was seen first.

Next,little birds, animals and so on were depicted in the circle which is a little bigger (about 8 ms)than usual ones was seen.
Next two circles turned up side by side.
One point of the light turned up on the right side of them and moved in a zigzag.
It is like so-called the light of ufo.
The thing like the cartoon Dumbo moves the ear(?) slowly like a feather in a circle on the left.

The meaning of these visions is as follows.

The energy and creatures are sent like this from the stars to the earth.
Not only creatures but also 'body subconsciousness = energy body' descend to the earth and try to dominate humans mimicking the Rulers' Stars.
However they don't have so much power as the Rulers' Stars.
As humans have more power than those, if those naughty energy bodies do evil deeds, you can extinguish them by repeating (I chop them up and burn them out completely,make them to return to atoms! and I have put those chopped up atoms to the Black holeD).

Those energy bodies often order people by giving auditory hallucinations.
Though I can't see, those energy bodies are half substance and they are visible only to a part of people who get the image of the figure of Angels, jelly-like shapes or ETs.
They seem to say various things (through auditory hallucinations).
As avid followers of the new religions tend to worship them as god, I am told energy bodies are often getting into mischief.
Some religions give instructions or give orders saying they have got the information from stars.
According to the information given by people in US, there is even an organization which tries to dominate people with TV.
Those energy bodies are pleased because some people come to worship them, when they call out to people.
Therefore they seem to enjoy by mimicking the Ruler's Stars.


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