Stone and Stone meniEgyptjb Unfinished Obelisk

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By Sennari

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Oct. 31, 2006

Stone and Stone human iEgyptj
The image is from Mr.I

From the stone statue of Memphis

If the stone statue had been made by being carved by the human chisel, there should always have had chisel shaving mark, but there is no trace of them at all .
This statue have the border between the atoms which wanted to be a stone statue and the ones which wanted to be stones.

Oct. 28, 2006

Unfinished Obelisk
The image is from Mr.h

It is the gigantic one.
I was told previously atoms of Stone gods formed the gigantic Obelisk by which they intended to make humans realize it is impossible to make such a gigantic one.
When you see the man far away, you can understand how huge it is.
It is evident how small the existence of humans when you see the other masonry, too.
It is hard to make them even with the modern machines.
It is quite impossible for the humans who lived just after the stone age.
However as there is no way to explain them, humans finish it by relying on the armchair theory.
Humans apt to think they were able to do anything but we should realize the limitations in human ability.
I think we should be more humble to the question asking why.

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