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Stone gods in New Zealand@

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

January 7,2002

Stone gods in New Zealand | teeth

January 7,QOOP

When I went to bed after I wanted to introduce the stone with pattern of the turtle and Glow Worm, I was awakened at midnight.
Channeling started.

"I am Stone god of New Zealand.
I am the elder sister of Sagittarius.
I have something to tell you.
When I alighted to the earth, I noticed it was night .
I recalled it now.
I could see many stars at night.
Therefore I asked the stars so that we could see the stars at any time.
iThat's why people can see the beautiful star-like lights as if they were like the sky full of stars because they see them in the cave.
(That means gGlow Wormhwas asked to make.)

I was afraid of terrifying dragons'(the Ruler's Starsjturning up at any time.
Then I talked with my dear little sister who was Princess of Sagittarius and alighted to Australia with telepathy how miserable to live.
I thought we were not able to enjoy our lives even if we might live.
The other Stone gods started to say, to my surprise, they were going to make mountains as they knew that humans would come to New Zealand across the see in the future.

Therefore we started to make the high mountains with all our might.
The reason why the sea of fjord suddenly become deep is that we dug the soil of the bottom of the sea on the side of the mountain and put it on the mountain to make it higher.

(They say the sea on the side of the mountain is very deep)

Do you know why there is a waterfall near the top of the mountain?
That's why we made the pond on the mountain.
The reason why Mount Cook has such a form is that we spread the mountain to the side to prevent the cold wind.
Moreover we put the triangle on the mountain so that it could play a role of the pyramid.

We were good Stone gods as we made mountains for humans.
Thank you for your listening to me.
I hope your work will become known to many people.

(Thank you so much)

Stone gods seem to have descended to other people who can understand this story.

Please let them know my thanks."

iThank you so much. j@


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