From the spirit of Muhammad

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From the spirit of Muhammad

By Sennari

This info is from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 18, 2001

From the subconsciousness(spirit)of Muhammad

As the following is what subconsciousness (spirit)told me. I can't tell whether it has something to do with the real society or not.
However as I have felt pain in my body as follows, let me open it to public.
I have often felt acute pain in my pinky since this morning, and can't focus on it since then.
In addition to the pain in my pinky, I felt the pain in the left palm but the pain disappeared thoroughly when I started to write what Muhammad told through the channeling.

"I am

(I do not quite know the name)

I am Muhammad, the friend of Jesus.
Jesus came to me and asked me to forgive him.
He said that this happened because of his own deed.

(Please refer to Story of Isram )

He said people of Christianity and Judaism made the people of Isram who knew nothing about the information from The SKY (SORA), the universe, have a terrible experience.
People of Christianity and Judaism have kept ignoring the announcement from the atoms in the universe( Crop Circles etc).
As the leaders of the US, the UK and Israel don't tell those information from the universe to mankind and devote to armaments, I want to teach them in some way.
I want to teach to religious leaders and politicians of Islam, too.
I (Mohammed) descended to the body of Bin Laden.
Bin Laden

I returned his body.
The place where I stay is the one which I liked best.
It is around the lake where my villa existed.
I lived there happily with my family.
Muhammad would like to ask you, everyone of Islam.
Please stop the fight.
Please live in harmony.
Jesus and I were really good friends.
I gave pain to the body of this woman(Miss Taeko Shiraki)and asked her to write this.
The more detailed story of Islam from the sky(universe)is the true story."

(Tears came to flow out from my eyes.)

Thank you for your mail.

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