Ethnic strife

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Ethnic strife 

By Sennari

This info is from  Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Oct. 11, 2001

Ethnic strife

"Why do people of Islam repeat the ugly conflict?
Even though they are the same brothers, the clergy teaches okay to kill brothers if they chant the name of God.
Why has ethnic conflict (after the end of the Cold War) now occurred in many parts of the world?
As it is boring for the Ruler's Stars to keep humans peaceful, they launched ethnic struggles here and there.

(Did they operate the brains? )

The situaion was particularly distressing in Africa.
The consciousness of people who are naive to the prayers was made to change by the Ruler's Stars.
People were made to change into atrocious humans.
When we realize the existence of Stone gods, we find it meaningless to keep ethnic group.
It became the source of mistake that Stone gods who descended to different regions made humans speak different languages .
Stone gods who descended to the earth later found demons(the Ruler's Stars) had already ruled the earth( the regions like Mesopotamia, etc).

Therefore they taught humans different languages so that humans would not hear the language of demons( the Ruler's Stars).
But it has become counterproductive.
Ethnic groups who had lived in harmony until then, came to fight furiously owing to the Ruler's Stars.
Don't you realize that you have been directed to compete with someone seeking power though the Ruler's Stars have gone?
You have seen lots of the ends of the authorities whose positions they got by the strife, haven't you?
After the death of those people they become miserable indeed.
They continue to be blamed in the world of subconsciousness.
Now people all over the world pay attention to what Muslim clergies have done(the wrong teachings which they gave to people).
Our thoughts of stars is focused on one thing. 
We just want the peace of the Earth.
Please realize the change which have been shown on the earth(like Crop Circle,etc).
We, stars are trying to inform it as hard as we can.

From the unnamed stars."

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