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More stories of New Zealand  

By Sennari

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

More stories of New Zealand

June 28 2004

【More stories of New Zealand 】

《The following story was informed through channeling and it was not written by imagination.
The mystery which has been remained unsolved can be dissolved by the channeling info.   》

Princess of Stone gods in New Zealand is the eldest sister named Iwanoea.
The queen of Stone gods in Sagittarius told Iwanoea to stay in Sagittarius.
Then younger princes, princes of Stone gods and subordinates followed the queen of Stone gods with the giants who became the model of humans in the bellies of Stone gods alighted to the earth one after another.
Iwanoea who got lonely wanted to alight to the earth.  
However bad stars had bullied humans and made them miserable.
As Iwanoeak knew the situation, she did not take humans to the earth. 
Only small island, New Zealand had been left because she alighted last.  
Iwanoea was discontented as her younger sisters had alighted to the larger islands.
Moreover she had alighted to the earth with no humans, she felt bored.
Therefore she asked the beings in the universe to contrive and make lovely animals. 
So the penguins were made.
However she was not able to see them as they were in the sea.

Therefore she asked them to ashore and come near her and give birth to lovely babies.
After a while she knew the big snakes which had been sent by the Ruler's Stars wanted to come to New Zealand to eat the animals which she had asked the beings in the universe to create.
Therefore she informed big snakes with telepathy that there were no animals except birds there and even though they would come there, they would all fly away.
She asked the beings in the universe to make the animals whose shapes were like birds.
When the beings in the universe called out to atoms of Stone gods to live on the earth as birds, those who had got tired of the life with no shape consulted with telepathy with one another and formed various types of birds.
That's why there are many kinds of birds which can't fly in New Zealand.
There is the owl parrot named kakapo among those birds.


This bird has teeth. The beings in the universe consulted a lot when they made humans.
Stone gods of Sagittarius said it was necessary for humans to have teeth when they relished various things and made them.
Kakapo is the bird which informs about it.
Though princes didn't bring humans, subordinates brought giants.  
Therefore they told giants to make big round stones and put them in the shore.

They were lined up in the shore so that big snakes could realize they would be thrown to them, when they swam to New Zealand.  
When Iwanoea descend from the sky, the earth looked as if it was caught by bad stars.
Therefore she wanted to make things which showed the situation of the earth.
It was shown by the round stones whose surface were covered with the nets, which meant the bad star scooped up the round earth with a net.

The giant was told to make them and put them in the shore.
The turtle shell pattern was mimicked and engraved on the round surface.
The atoms of Stone gods turned into the turtle by the order of the beings in the universe and wanted to live on the earth. 
As big snakes dislike the jagged things, which were asked to make and a lot of plants with thorns=fern were made.
Iwanoea who could see the future world knew that humans would not notice Stone gods even though humans might see such round stones in the shore.
Therefore she had the fern whose back side of the leaves are white make.
That means she knew the truth which was shown by the white color would be concealed by the Ruler's Stars in the future.
Iwanoea felt lonely with only animals.
However she knew humans would come across the ocean to this island in the future.
Therefore she asked her subordinates to make the high mountains and rivers for humans.
As it is especially cold in the south side of the island, she asked to make the high and long mountains with no gaps to protect the coldness.
When they scooped up the soil at the foot of the mountain and put it on the top of the mountain, the sea became very deep.
The triangle pyramids were also made in some places to gather the energy from the universe.
In addition she heard humans live by helping each other , so she made the rock which show it is important to support the others.
She was also asked to make the star-like things which could show they had come from the stars in the universe.
Therefore she asked the beings in the universe to make the shiny insects in the deep cave so that humans were always able to see the shines like stars.
Humans can find those shiny insects shine brilliantly in the dark cave.
Humans can see only big stars in the sky, but they can find Glow Worm shine much more brilliantly than stars in the sky.
Perhaps Glow Worm show more real universe.
It shows a lot of unseen stars exist in the universe as shown in Glow Worm.
Iwanoea had never turned into the typhoon, because she was afraid of producing it.
Though some people try to inform about Stone gods, others insult the info about Stone gods too much.
So she wanted to let people know she has power.
Therefore she practiced how to make typhoon in the center of the Pacific Ocean. 

March 8,2005
Iwanoea went to Australia as a typhoon for the first time.

Stones are being born from the rock.

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