Out-of-place artifactsbCity seabed of the Bermuda Triangle?

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Out-of-place artifactsbCity seabed of the Bermuda Triangle? @

By Sennari

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Out-of-place artifacts


Machinery of Kamchatka 400 million years ago

The hammer of 65 million years ago etc are included in OOPARTS.
We can find by THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA info how incorrect the dating methods isI

I was told through the channeling the fossils of out-of-place artifacts were made by the energy which were sent from the stars.

Thereafter Mr. Yoshida put an emerald on his palm and kept it in mind.
Then he made it bigger and bigger in a second.
Though he put it into the ring, it was so big that it nearly popped out of the ring and I found it became bigger surely because it looked awkward as a ring.
In addition he made the bar of crystal thick or thin as if it had been the clay.
When I saw what he had done, I thought the OOPARTS skull of crystal was made in this way. That means the crystal became soft like the clay when Pleiades gave energy.


City seabed of the Bermuda Triangle?


The couple of Canadian scientists were investigating the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle by using a robotic submersible and they are said to have found the remains of a huge ancient city at the bottom of the sea near the coast of Cuba.
What were asleep in a water depth of 700 meters were pyramids, Sphinx and buildings carved characters and so on.
The image of City seabed has been published in the site "Peru punto com" in Peru which reported this historic news.
Numerous pyramids are lined up beautifully.
According to the information, one of which is the pyramid made of glass.
This is clearly artificial structure.
I wonder if someone lived here long, long time ago.

http://sociorocketnews.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/pre-ciudad_916179109.jpg?w=873&h=582 From Rocket News

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