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The birth of the earth

By Takashi

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

February 7. 2002
The birth of the earth, the star war

February 7. 2002
Little finger (which represents the earth) of mine(=Ms Taeko Shiraki)hurts since this morning.
The consciousness of the earth tells me she has something to say.

"The solar system was made to make the earth "Star of Hope" by any means.
When the stars were made in the universe, they were neatly lined up before the star war.
However body awareness which hated to be lined up neatly began to fill the universe.
Therefore measures were required to solve the problem.
Such body awareness to require the measures turned up then.
The spirit of the star asked the atoms to gather together and form the material.
So a lot of atoms gathered together and they materialized.
The original small body awareness of the earth (the spirit of the star) drifted the universe and those spirits which hated to be lined up gathered together and got bigger and bigger, by which big star like the earth was formed.
The earth was body awareness of the spite of stars which was gathered together from all over the universe.
The body awareness of the earth turned into the material.
As the earth was the body awareness made of spite, it was required to be burned for purification.
Therefore the sun was made near the earth.
When the earth had been burned completely, Mercury was made between the sun and the earth.

Water was made by Mercury and it cooled down the earth by its pouring the water to the earth.
The spirit of Saturn was fashionable and wanted to be the fashionable star.
Therefore it was decorated with rings.

The soil was made by Saturn and it was presented to the earth, when the earth cooled down.
The soil did not fall from the sky, but the atoms (element) of Saturn were asked to turn into the soil on the earth.
Next, trees and plants were asked to be made by Jupiter.

The atoms which hated the situation of the earth made of the mass of atoms of spite jumped out of the earth and became the moon."

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