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Sharon|The man of the underworld= Benjamin Netanyahu |Cappadocia  

By Sennari

This info is from  Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Jan. 7, 2006

Sharon|The man of the underworld= Benjamin Netanyahu |Cappadocia

At 12:30 , Jan. 7, 2006

I asked who it is, as the cold wind hit the cheek.

"I'm Sharon.
Thank you for your informing the meaning of my visiting Holy Land of Palestine compulsorily.
I was relieved to hear its meaning.
I am no longer scared to die.
I had been afraid that I would die until then, because I made people kill innocent ones .
I said to the people of Hamas, "Let's be happy."
Now I'm afraid that people of the underworld might dominate Israel.
Netanyahu is the owner of the subconsciousness who was born in the hypogeum.
"The underworld" expresses "the root of a tree" and hypogeum.
Please don't make the people of the underworld dominate Israel anyway.
Even if I might die, it means only the man named Sharon will just disappear.
I want you to tell about the people of the underworld anyway.

I am going to sleep from now.

I woke up again by the cold wind.

"I'm Sharon.
There is still what I want you to let people know.
It is about the thing on the head. (the cloth of Judaism?).
Please tell the people who wear it even now .
Synagogues(wikipedia) .(?)
Please inform the people who tell to go back to Judea.
They repeat it as if they were telling it is their job. (religious leader(?))
The country of the birth is their country.
Please do not force a tradition thousands of years old.
Once you die, the concept of 'the country' will disappear.
In this world those who came from the same star are required to gather together.

(Judging from his body he seems to be related to the subconsciousness of Sagittarius.)

When you come to the world of subconsciousness, you will understand how you've been deceived by the bad stars while you were alive.
The man who have welcomed me with a smile now is the one whom I hated the most when I was alive.
He is the man who took back the fort of Masada.
The very man welcomed me, because he understood the meaning of 'Masada'."

I am going to sleep from now.

The cold wind blew again and I was aroused.

"I still have something to tell you.
As I have arrived at the position (become seriously ill(?)), let me tell you.
I would like to point out people have the custom to put the cloth or hats.
If they wear hats or cloth on their heads, the holes through which energy body invade into the head are found by the Ruler's Stars.
If those bad stars find the heads with hats or cloth they misunderstand those heads have no hair.
The hair express the unnamed good stars which support humans.
The hair serves to protect the invasion of the bad energy body.
Energy body think it is easier to invade into the men with hats or cloths on their heads, because it misunderstand those men have no hair.
Therefore vicious energy body tries to invade into those person with hats or clothes on their heads, as it misunderstand those people have no hair to protect the invasion of energy body.
As it has not been told to people, people don't discard the custom to put cloths etc on their heads and the energy body which like to fight invade into those people.
Please tell it to people."

*)Please refer to the search about Sharon


He is the person who took the strategy to stir up trouble in order to gain the credit (be rewarded) for solving it.

* )Synagogues=Though I didn't know it means the religious sites, channeling told me the word 'Synagogues' clearly.


"A young man is being hit by the futon beater on the hips."

Stone gods of young people of the Vatican has been scolded by the king of Sagittarius.

I got anxious about Cappadocia like hypogeum.

"I'm Stone god of Cappadocia.
I have to reflect as we created large underground rooms.
Stone gods that were in Cappadocia should all go back to my place.

We will come back to Sagittarius together.
We'll rest at Sagittarius.
All of you, please come back."

"The children in Cappadocia is the Stone gods of Vatican.
Stone god became a villain himself so that Mother would not be blamed, .
I had no choice because I was threatened by the Ruler's Stars."

(I felt a keen signal in the left ankle when I kept it in mind that he should go back to Sagittarius and rest. )

"I'm the one whose shape is round.
I'm the Stone god of Cappadocia.
Thank you for your telling me.
Nothing, nothing ・・・・
There is no problem.
I was told by the Ruler's Stars if I would make lots of basements, humans would realize the existence of Stone gods.
I changed my body into many basements as I believed what I was told by the Ruler's Stars .
I turned into the rocks whose shape are ones with the hats on them so that they were able to become the landmarks which show there are basements under them.
I told the atoms in the universe to use my body.
Therefore a lot of atoms which wanted to be humans came."

I am going to sleep from now.

"I have still anger even now.
The environment on the earth got the one in which it got hard for humans to live.
Therefore I told atoms which came from the universe to turn into Stone humans with wings but they told they didn't want to be the stone and they wanted to be humans.
I reluctantly admitted their desire.
It caused bad consequences.
As many humans were born and they needed food, food got no longer enough.
That's why strives took place competing for food.
Humans didn't hear what Stone humans who took care of them told and they invaded elsewhere without permission.
It is the volkerwanderung.
The subconsciousness of humans of those era have born again and caused conflicts."

I am going to sleep from now.

*)Cappadocia=It is the city(?) of the underground in Turkey.
There are rocks on which stones like hats are put.

*)There is a film of water around the Earth in Atlantis era, and the Earth had mild climate anywhere.
However when Atlantis perished, the water film disappeared by which the earth came to have harsh climate.

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