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The vision showing the earth is covered with water | The earthquake in Russia | Stone gods in Siberia region  

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Jan. 3, 2005

The vision showing the earth is covered with water | The earthquake in Russia | Stone gods in Siberia region

Jan. 2, 2005


1) “Bars are lined.”

The clouds of the ladder

"The clouds and the vision show the thoughts of Stone gods have coincided with one another.


1) Small puddles are going to appear on the plain.

2) The puddles change into many big swamps.

3) Soon water flooded the whole area.
As a result of it only small islands are left in the water.

4) The brown plateau got dotted with shining blue lights and the plateau got covered with beautiful blue light.

The vision shows the earth will be purified by the water which will cover the earth if humans keep the same way of thinking like today.

(I was told the vision tell the above meaning.
However as it is shown by the blue light, it might show only the event in the world of subconsciousness. )

Iron changed into the silicon as if rice changes into miso(soybean paste).
The silicon (Si) of Stone gods worked great by changing into the creatures like the kelp.
However scientists don't admit it and Stone gods don't understand the reason why they deny the existence of Stone gods.
Why don't science believers think it is strange there is human food on the earth?
It is the same as spoiled children who think anything that they wish to get is given to them.
Therefore Stone gods and the earth have come to despair to find the scientists' lack of comprehension.
Therefore we decided to start our project in the wake of the collapse of the leg rock of Arches.
Stone gods were despaired by the scientists who think Delicate Arch was made by only wind action.
Therefore we, Stone gods thought we will try again some day.
The Ohmoto(the central) in the universe thought the same as we, Stone gods.
That's why we show our thoughts by the clouds like washboards or ladders, which you often see in the sky in these days."

I am going to sleep from now.

(* The knee part of the foot of the rock becomes thin and it is about to collapse.)

I made a thread in the bulletin board to ask what scientists think about the strangely shaped rocks previously.
They gave me the immediate and polite answer saying they were made by the winds.
Science says all the strangely shaped rocks were made naturally and the theory which claims those rocks were made by Stone gods were dismissed as a mere delusion.


《I will be on the stage for dancing Swan Lake Valley.
I am dressed white long skirt.
I am going to move my hands up and down like feathers.
I'm going out with classmates in elementary school as I felt nasty to go out alone.》

I have had unusually stiff right shoulder since this morning and there have been pains when bending the neck.
I asked the reason of it through the channeling.

"There was an unusual earthquake on January 2 along Lake Baikal on the East Coast of Russia.
Stone god there descends to you in order to tell something. "

Sherman rocks of Lake Baikal in Russia

Lake Baikal in Russia(wikipedia)

" The reason why the earthquake happened in Russia where there is no or less earthquake is that Stone god there wants to tell you something.

(I had a sign in the left wrist.)

"Earthquake does not occur in Russia because the subconsciousness of Stone gods in Russia are playing in the earth."

(= Hollow Earth theory)

Therefore Stone gods don't inform the existence of them to humans by resorting to earthquakes.

(Earthquake does not occur in Russia(?))

You can't go inside of the earth if it were not from the place of different dimension.
Is there the entrance to the inside of the earth in Irkutsk?

(I didn't know Irkutsk is near Lake Baikal in Russia.)

Stone gods there know the place of the entrance.

( When I was searching the rock of Irkutsk in the web sites I had an eye irritation and teared out.)

I'm Stone god who made the white rock in Irkutsk.
The reason why Lake Baikal turned into the big lake, is many Stone gods cried.
They cried at the thought of the stars of Sagittarius."

(I was told previously, Niagara Falls also express tears of Stone gods.)
The proverb says 'Escape when the sea water has receded' .
I think the proverb of tsunami conform to this information which tells tunami happens because water is poured into the big holes which appears in the crust.

Thank you for your mail.

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