Abnormal weather

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Abnormal weather@

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Nature is angry.

Abnormal weather is getting worse and worse every year.
Nature causes abnormal weather and try to let the humanity know something.
What does the nature want humanity to know?
Natural phenomena is the movement of atoms.
The long and short of it atoms want to let humanity know something.
Humans think vaguely there should be no consciousness in the atoms.
It is a big mistake.
As humans are made up of atoms, humans are a part of the nature.
Humans who are a part of the nature is going to foreget nature is made up of atoms and atoms have consciousness.
The long and short of it abnormal weather show atoms are getting angry.
As nature knows humans are a part of nature, she doesn't want to cause abnormal weather.
However she can't help causing abnormal weather, because humans are going to foret the most important thing that humans have to understand.
According to the development of science humans have come to think humans are the greatest in the universe and begin to forget to worship the nature.
People in the past worshipped the nature.
Why did they worship the nature?
Because they were able to talk with atoms and knew nature is made up of atoms which have consciousness.
However almost all the humans have forgot nature have consciousness.
Therefore atoms which are made up of nature get angry.
There were many who can hear the voice of the nature by gone days.
However people who have the ability to hear the voice of nature have been erased with the exception of a few.
Science has made humans consent with arbitrary theory that abnormal weather is caused by the increase of carbon dioxide.
Therefore atoms which configure the nature warn with further abnormal weather.
Atoms warn they will turn the earth into the star of only the sand when they judge humans have no ability to understand atoms have consciousness.
Atlantis have erased when atoms which made up of Atlantis decomposed The same thing as Atlantis is about to take place now.
This is the last chance in which there have remained a few who can talk with atoms on the earth.
When a few who have remained on the earth disappear, atoms which configure the nature decompose and the earth would return to the star of only the sand.

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