13:05 2013/03/07 Furniture with cat's legs were Stone men


Furniture with cat's legs were Stone humans and they were able to move around!@

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

I wrote my question in What is the figure in the mural doing on earth?? and I was given the explanation from Ms Taeko Shiraki.

Let me copy and paste the images of What is the figure in the mural doing on earth??





The following is the explanation by Miss Taeko Shiraki.

1)You can see the things like a bed with legs of a dog under the lying Stone human.
It means this bed itself is Stone human.
This bed is one part of the standing Stone human and the bed and Stone human is connected with the black line.
The bed was able to move around on the floor freely.
There have been remained lots of furniture like tables with legs of the cats or dogs in Europe.
They were also Stone humans, furniture itself had the consciousness and moved around freely.

2)The standing Stone human is making the alter ego of him who is lying on the bed.
The standing Stone human is going to apply a bandage around the breast of the lying Stone human.
As atoms sometimes don't know what shape to make when they form the alter ego of Stone human, bandage is applied to show what shape to be made.

You can find the bar which is extended horizontally in the center of the lying Stone human and it is the tube for flowing *the juice.
(*The juice or the soup is the liquid which contains the ingredients of Stone gods and it came out from Stone gods)

According to Miss Taeko Shiraki, bed itself was Stone man and could move around freely.

Oh, yeah, the above images are not related to the next one, but I have heard how to make stone structure.


Every single stone lifted fluffy, and stone structures such as above was made as stones piled up one by one on their way.
Stone wall of the castle as well as in Japan, each stone, big or small one with its will, floated and were piled up upwards in order.

Ms Taeko Shiraki told me she had the vision to show the piling up of stones.

Thank you for your mail.

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