[Postscript] Why are Crop Circles made mainly in Europe?

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

This article tells why Crop Circle have been made mainly in Europe.

Moreover it tells why there happen few earthquakes in Europe.

January 28, 2002

[Postscript] Why are Crop Circles made only in Europe?


I think I have no food.
Then fawn(?) or an animal which has a final hair is still on the body as it was burned is brought to me.
I feel unpleasant as I am told I have no choice but to eat it.

The meaning of the dream is as follows.

"Stone gods of Europe didn't give any food besides this to humans whom they brought.
That's why carnivore started.
Therefore European Stone gods regret it, and they ask the stoms from the sky to make Crop Circle.

(I felt scratchy in the left foot, whose signal meant it is true. )

Please let people know it.
Stone god in Europe bend the grain at the waist of the Crop Circles to show thanks for having been taught the grain.
Folding the waist of grain represents a form of thanks in the Crop Circle.
It was Stone god in Central Asia who asked stars to grow wheat.
Growing wheat was informed to Stone gods here and there through the telepathy.
Humans knew there were good things (wheat) and humans carried them.
Stone gods in Europe did nothing but making the mountains.
Moreover it was cold.
They slept and slept single]mindedly.
As the rocks in that area of the earth have got solidified, they were not able to cause even the earthquakes.
The Earth asks Stone gods there to cause earthquakes, because of the poor flow of the body(feel pain(?)) of the earth .
The consciousness of the earth often asks to cause the earthquakes to Stone gods in Europe but they can't do it.
The crop circles are mainly made in Europe and Canada, a nation of immigrants.
Stone god there seriously asks the atoms of the stars to make at least Crop Circles for the peace of the earth.
Please stop making Crop Circles by only the desire of mischief without knowing the serious thoughts of Stone gods.
Stars are watching your act day and night.
To interfere with the message of our stars, it is certain that it interferes with the peace of the Earth.
Please see the work made by our serious stars.
From stars"

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underground(the sun, the moon and the earth)

There are underground cavities in the earth as shown in this Crop Circle and the outer circle of it shows the stratosphere. The two double circles inside it show the sun and the moon. The small circles show comets. They are contacting with one another and conveying the information with the mates of the earth.

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