The religion and the canaries in the cage

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

January 28, 2002

The religion and the canaries in the cage

I was almost sleepless last night, when I was informed the following in a dream.
Please keep in mind the conveyed matter may be the one only in the subconsciousness world.

"The leaders of religions gathered and prayed together.
However they didn't admit the info from the stars in the long run."

One of the readers of my site had a following dream the day before yesterday,

yThere are lots of canaries and parrots in the bird cage.z

It means

"Just pretty words of religious people can't bring peace to the world."

The stars told as above. It is the writing which tells about it in the bulletin board.

Contributor: 02/01/25 Fri 23:39:17

"I've ever heard the story of the hell like the one made by Pleiades.
It was told in the the religion of Buddhism series, and it told the story should be confidential.
It was informed that the story was about the the incident which really happened in Meiji Era.
When a nasty old man died, bereaved family found his bed burnt to the shape of the human or the grandfather who died once and revived told he really saw the hell.
After he had told it, he was taught he would be able to go to the paradise if he chant (repeat) the name of Buddha and he came to be able to chant a (Buddhist) sutra fluently.
And they circulated a small magazine to believers only and told them to make the story secret and do not tell people anyway.
People were threatened by the story of hell which was claimed it really existed.
Those who chant (repeat) the name of Buddha, chant a (Buddhist) sutra and hold a memorial service were told to be able to go to the paradise by which they were dominated."

Contributor: na 02/01/26 Sat 21:12:20

"It is neither a lie nor the event of from childhood, I have been told much the same thing by the parent.
Parents have faith even now.
I think they have been dominated by the thoughts of Pleiades."

We should tell how cruel Pleiades was because if we don't know it, the thoughts of the Ruler's Stars remain forever and it imitates the way of doing of the Ruler's Stars.
If it was just a beautiful story like a fairy tale in reverse, I think I did not believe it.
I can understand the story which tells people were dominated, because my parents were the same as those dominated people.
Therefore the story is not only for other people.
The events in my childhood was very painful even though I might remember now.
The posting in the bulletin board made me remember the painful event in those days and I have been crying .

Anger No: 1220

Contributor: 0e 02/01/28 Mon 13:24:52

" I found the article by the newspaper editorialist who wrote people are living with hope in Tibet etc and they are enjoying the better lives than those in Japan.
I got very angry when I read it.

The leader there make the poor engage in the hard work, and men of prime working are exploiting what the poor made by only reading sutras.

People have no complaints as the religion is deflected and they are informed nothing .
People have been made be brainwashed and believe they can go to paradise only if they read the sutra.
Therefore you should consider fundamentally the problem of the religions.
Tears really come out when I saw the program in which NHK(National broadcasters) had projected the misery of the parent-child of Afghan farmers.
NHK broadcasting shed the miserable scene but it never imparts the information from the stars which can bring peace to the earth.
It keeps imparting the useless information for the peace.
It provides nothing but the opposite effect for the peace to impart the a horror thriller and the costume drama which are the drama of war.
When I see what NHK broadcasting is doing, I can't stop anger.
Though I didn't want to write the following thing, I have had tingling pain in the left ankle from this morning.
The beings from the sky tells me through the channeling that they have been sending the signal because they want me to write.

When I started to write, the pain disappeared.
Though I have often told my experience in which I was dominated by the body awareness which claimed to be the queen of Pleiades in June of 1998, many don't know well about it.
It was the experience of fear.
I was often explained Pleiades actually made the hell.

I think it may be hard to believe for the most of the readers of this site to believe the info which tells the hell was made by Pleiades.
Many who are interested in the inner world may have read about the spirit world communication and those communication always convey the existence of the hell and paradise.
Those who believe in the existence of spirits tends to believe in the existence of the hell and the paradise.
Isn't it a big news if the hell was made by Pleiades?
If it was made by Pleiades, those who didn't do the bad act while they lived in this world might have been thrown into it..
On the contrary those who did good act might have been thrown into it because Pleiades is the Ruler's Stars and they enjoyed the energy of human suffering.
If they held such terrifying power to be able to make the hell, it may be convincing human knowledge about Stone humans and Stone god have been completely extinguished from the human memory.
Ms Taeko Shiraki was threatened to be thrown into the hell in 1998 if she had rebeled against the direction of Pleiades.
Christ and Buddha were threatened, too.
kby Takashil

(I was told the hell doesn't exist now, though it really existed until 1998.)

Some of the readers of the site of mine(=Ms Taeko Shiraki) think it is nothing but my paranoia to believe the story which claims the Ruler's Stars like Pleiades had actually dominated the earth until 1998.
Many people who read my explanation left my site.
I would like to say only the sweetish thing and avoid the description of the hell but it must be necessary to explain what Pleiades did.
As I experienced actually the fearful intimidation, I think the information told by the Crop Circles are true.


The subordinates of the beings from the sky are called 'robot'.
They are the beings in the different dimension(?)and serves as messengers in the human world.
As the energy of them is too weak now, it is hard to contact with them.
Some of them express their thoughts by making Crop Circles.

Thank you for your mail.

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