The meaning of Greek letter@

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

The meaning of Greek letter

In the evening of Oct. 24,1999

When I was free I was wondering who made alphabet.
Then unnamed star said to me "We don't know about alphabet but we know the Greek character which was used before alphabet."
Alphabet was made because Greek character was hated to be used by Romans.
Amantia (the queen of Atlantisjdescended to me for the first time in a long time and told me fluently as follows.

Let me tell you.
I've waited long until you ask the question.
Greek letters are showing your story is right."

    This character is showing the body of Stone god is in the mountain.

    This one expresses the body of Stone god.

    This one expresses the beings over the sky have the great power.

    This one expresses the Trinity@ and expresses body, spirit and soul.

    This one expresses the earth is rotating while facing here.

    This one expresses the subconsciousness traverse between the ground and the sky.

    Let me refrain from telling the truth.(Two persons coalesce.)

    This one expresses stars were divided.

    This one expresses one person.

    This one express the king.
@It is made up of a standing man and the bowing man.

    This one means there are some mountains with no Stone gods.

    This one expresses they are holding hands with each other.
It also expresses the ties between people.

    This one expresses people are going back and forth spiritually.

    It means humans want to live and don't want to die.@
There lines means soul, spirit and body, which are written clearly.

    I'd like to refrain from telling it.
It expresses the place where a baby is born.

    This one expresses generally told paradise.

    This one expresses the beings of the stars teach humans.

    This one expresses the beings from the sky are the gods.

    This one expresses humans go to the stars after they die.

    This one expresses after the person died, we are divided into good and bad people and they go to the different places.

    This one expresses cell division.

    This one expresses 'the end' if it is written.
The long and short of it it expresses to die.

    This one expresses reincarnation.
It shows raising the hands for cheers.

    This one expresses there have been many stories so far and they are put together in one bag.

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