Stone spheres of Costa Rica=solid sphere@

By Sennari

This info is from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

Stone spheres of Costa Rica=solid sphere

Those are a group of stone spheres which were found in the jungle of Central America.
It's close to the perfect sphere and the size is up to exceed 2 m in diameter from a few centimeters in various size.
It is a mystery how or why they were made.
I was told through the channeling that giants(Stone humans) made those solid spheres.
They rounded the still soft body of Stone gods by covering them with the thin cloth which was made of the juice of Stone gods.
They were made in such ways as if they had made rice balls covering them with Saran Wrap(plastic)cling film.
Incidentally the cubic stones of the pyramids were made in the same way.
While they were rounding the soft body of Stone gods, they told to the atoms to become round by holding hands firmly.
The reason why giants made solid sphere was they thought round ring is important and solid sphere showed the round shape of the sun and the earth.
They showed stars by making solid spheres of various size.
This is the relatively large Stone sphere which was in National Museum of San Jose.

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