By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec, 13, 2003


Dec. 12, 2003

When I was viewing the TV which told pyramids of Giza were made by humans, both I and the other beside me felt the abnormality of the tooth.
As I thought it was the signal from some being, I asked what the sender of the abnormality want to tell.
The channeling was started.

"I hate it.
I heard a distorted interpretation about what Stone gods made.
I feel I absolutely seething when I hear the explanations which tell humans made pyramids by piling the small stones up after they cut the small ones.

(I have never used the word 'I feel I absolutely seething'.)

I have often told pyramids were made by Stone gods.---
Humans in those days were in such the too low level as had evolved only a little from monkey.
I'm the giant of Mount Sinai who did the work of making pyramids."
Mount Sinai


(A poor doll which I saw at the Metropolitan Museum in New York as if it had been made by middle school students came to mind. )


1)The pyramid of Giza is the grave of the child of Stone god and it was made by the giant of alter ego of Stone god.
The giants kept alive several generations as there were much food in Egypt.
Colossi of Memnon was left to show there were giants in Egypt.

2)Pyramids was made by piling up the cubic mass which was made by the body of Stone gods.
The cubic mass was made while it was still soft when it was taken from the dead body of the child of Stone god.
The giant made the cubes as if they had made rice balls by covering them with the thin cloth.

3)As it was made to form the shape of the pyramid and it was formed firmly from above, it was assembled so that even a piece razor couldn't be entered between the cubes.

4)The internal oblique steep slope was made by inserting a square rod diagonally while pyramid was still soft.
It was made as small humans wanted to see inside of the pyramid and it was made for putting the air.

5)The top of the pyramid is slippery without peeling off, because that was carefully slicked over many times while it was soft in order to form the firm triangles.
The whole top was slippery and shining in the old days.

6)The pyramids are lined in the form of Orion(three) because beings of Sagittarius=Stone gods asked Orion for help and asked to send energy.

7)The stone box in the room for the king was made so that the giant could put the ring of Stone god.

8) The room for the king was completed after they made most of the room and the top part was covered as if it had been the lid.
Scholars haven't explained how that heavy box was carried into the room.

9)They explain the pyramid was made by cutting the small stones and piling them up.
However was it possible by the technology in those days to pile up stones as heavy as 240 kg without a little error?
It is regarded impossible even by the current technology.

10)All the pyramids that were made by imitating pyramids of Giza later years have been broken.

11)The work diaries have been remained but they were not written for making the pyramids but for the plastering to make the surface beautiful on the pyramids which had already made by the giants of Stone gods.

12)The hieroglyphs were written on the buildings later years but nothing was written on the pyramid of Giza.
When the giants of Stone gods was gone later years, human Khufu made his name write.

13) Khufu means the sky (in Japanese) and Khufu claimed his name in order to tell as he had been taught that Stone gods came from the sky.

Japanese character is the first one made on the earth and Stone gods knew them through telepathy.[by Takashi]

Khufu was the first human king and the last king of descendants of Stone gods claimed his name as Khufu(=the being from the sky).

14) Sphinx had the face of a cat at first but later the face was changed into the human face.
Cats were the animal which were sent to the earth by Pleiades, the Ruler's Stars.

15) The village for the worker is said to be the one for decorating the pyramids or for the remaking the face of Sphinx (cat) to the human face.
Those work was asked to do it to Khufu who was the small human and was given the name from the last king Khufu of the descendant of Stone gods.

(There have remained very small statues in Egypt and Mesopotami.
Those statues were made in order to compare the big descendants of Stone gods and small humans.)

I have been told by Stone gods that pyramids were made as explained above.
Megalithic ruins all over the world were made artificially and some of them are made so that even a piece razor couldn't be inserted between stones.
It has been the mystery and it has not been sold as it is impossible to make such stone work even by current technology.

Thank you for your mail.

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