How were the stone walls made?@

By Takashi

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How were the stone walls made?


gA square is being drawn on a small canvas.
The square goes out of the frame of the canvas and gets bigger and bigger quickly.
The square turns into the stone walls of the castle."

The meaning of the vision is as follows.

"The initial stone walls of the castle was small but when Stone god gave the direction to the atoms of Stone god, small stones got bigger and turned into the stone walls of today."

The above was informed for the first time.
The mason who turned up on TV told it is impossible for the current masons to make the curved stone walls like the ones of Japanese castles today.
Because masons can't crack stones with the curved cross-section today.
They say stone usually cracks straight and it is impossible to make curved line.
The curve depicting the beauty of the stone wall of the castle of Japan is said to be special.

The stone walls of Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan


May 7, 2006

The stone walls of ruins of Troy

It is a stable rockwork with spreading skirt in the same way as the stone walls of the castles of Japan.

The ruins of Troy is located on the top of the small mountain.
It has the stone stairs of theatrical structure.
However the existence of Stone gods were erased by sacrifice in later years.
In addition the story of Trojan War was made more interesting by which the Ruler's Stars diverted the attention from the relics of Stone gods to the story.

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