The mural(NO2) 

By Takashi

This info is from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

May 14, 2003

The mural(NO2)

'Bird-type humans' are depicted in the murals of caves here and there.
They express humans are viewing from the high place as humans were put on the palm of the giant.

Two long things on the head depicted in the left image show 'the ears' were emphasized because Stone humans had the conversation with telepathy.
Some of the giants have no hands.
They changed their body into the river of Grand Canyon without using hands.
Some of the giants have fingers and they seemed to have made the extremely winding river.

I was told the above figure shows the downcast figure of the giant.
The head is facing down and two ears hang down.
There is the entrance for the esophagus(?)at the back of the neck.
I was told four lines show the juice(milk) is spilling.

The following is the explanation of Japanese words for the above figure.

言葉→language    食道→esophagus    頭→head    耳→ear

頭を下げて、首の後ろにある食道の入り口が上にきている様子 → The figure show the head down and the entrance of esophagus which is at the back of the neck is depicted above the head.

Some of the giants look as if they were wearing clothes and those mural seemed to let humans know humans should not cool the bellies.

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