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By Sennari

This page had been translated into English before but some part is changed so that reader can understand difficult word easily.

This info is from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Aug 24, 2008

The story of the earth

There was darkness at the beginning of the universe.
"The Ohmoto(the central)" (the origin of the universe) was alone and felt loneliness.
He created whirls.
Then a beautiful light was born in the whirl and grew into a star.
The Ohmoto(the central)of the universe was very glad to see it, so he created stars more and more.
The first star was called "Sagittarius".
Many stars were born in the universe.
At last "the earth" was born.

Stars in solar system took care of a child star, the earth.
The Sun presented lights and warmth.
Mercury presented water, Jupiter presented trees and Saturn presented soil.
So creatures grew on the earth.
"The atoms in the universe" (the subconsciousness, many stars with shapes and stars with no shapes, supported the earth) imagined shapes and colors of fish, animals, flowers and others.
They imagined various creatures and sent those imagination to the earth, so the earth has become the planet full of life.
For an example, the meaning of creating an elephant is as follows:

His big stomach means the earth.
Moving his wide ears means the prevailing westerly wind.
His long nose means gravitation of the earth.
His long tusks mean oars of boat and it means the earth is rotating.

Big stars which have names of the constellation wanted to dominate the earth in their way.
So I'll call them "the Ruler's Stars".
The Ruler's Stars are stars with shapes and stars with no shapes.
Stars in solar system and Sagittarius wanted to care and help the earth.
A big war between stars occurred in the universe.
A lot of stars died in the war and their bodies became the Milky Way.
After the war, some discontented thoughts became a mass.
The mass drifted in the universe, and it was the earth full of discontented thoughts.
But thanks to the help of many kind stars the earth became the planet full of creatures.
However the Ruler's Stars wanted to put the earth under their domination.
Therefore they created a lot of dinosaurs and the earth became the planet full of conflict.
So the Ohmoto(the central) created "Alter ego of him" to clean the earth.
Alter ego of the Ohmoto(the central) sent a lot of lightning to the earth, so all dinosaurs became extinct.
The Ohmoto(the central) asked the beings in the universe to send the earth animals which love and take care of their families and friends.

At the same time, the beings of Sagittarius called "Stone gods" (the being who became stones or mountains, and it means god of rocks and mountains) alighted to the earth and became rocks and mountains.
Atoms of Stone gods' body were able to change their shapes as they want to be.
They were able to become "Stone humans" who looked like human being and were able to move.
The body of Stone humans looked like clay.
At last they were able to become real human beings.
Atoms of Stone gods' body changed to food, buildings and things to help human beings.
The number of human beings was gradually increased and they had lived happily.
The Ruler's Stars(bad stars) saw them and felt unhappy.
They planned to harden Stone humans' bodies.
And they made human beings fight each other in stead of dinosaurs and enjoyed watching it.
Now Stone gods and Stone men were left as old remains and stone statues.
However the Ruler's Stars (bad stars) hid the fact about Stone gods and Stone men .
They made human beings believe bad stars as Gods by creating religions.
And they dominated human beings until now.

Many Stone gods know the suffering of human beings who have been made to fight among themselves.
And they warn it with clouds and abnormal weathers.
The Ohmoto(the central)of the universe is a parent of all and he tells human beings should be equal through the channeling.
The beings in the universe which have supported the earth are watching human beings night and day from the sky.
Now, the Ruler's Stars vanished.
Because the Ohmoto recalled them to him and persuaded to change their minds.
So the beings in the universe told this story wishing for the peace of the earth.

The End

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