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This info is translated into English from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

The dictionary of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA


Great Zimbabwe is the Archaeological Site made of masonry and it is divided into three groups, that is 1)Acropolis, 2)Archaeological Site of the valley,3)Large enclosure.
Stone walls which are composed of small cubic stones are very elaborate.
They were not made by piling up with human hands.
Alter ego of Stone god asked the atoms of his body to form such a shape and they were made according to the direction of Stone god.
Each cubic stone of the stone walls expresses the atom.
Acropolis on the hill is the coupling of stone walls of cubic stones and megalithic.
This shape was made so that humans would notice that it was not made by piling up but it is the thing into which the dead body of Stone god turned.
The big conical tower in the large enclosure expresses a giant.

Khami Ruins National Monument is also famous in Zimbabwe.
The top of the pink stone walls of Khami Ruins National Monument show the beautiful checkered pattern made by the gaps between stones.
The monument show the female Stone god.
National Park Matobo Hills has big round rocks like Mar lock and Balancing Rock.
Victoria Falls(animation) expresses the tears of the earth.

Balancing Rock in National Park Matobo Hills!!
This is the very Zimbabwe!
But how did it become this shape?
It is the very mystery.

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