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This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

From the dictionary of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA


The center of galaxy is located to the direction of this constellation.
It is the star which was made first in the universe and it was far from the earth.
The king of Sagittarius came to the earth at the time of star war, but he came not to be able to return to Sagittarius.
Therefore the queen of Sagittarius came to the earth to look for him.
However the queen also came not to be able to return to Sagittarius owing to the gravity of the earth.
So almost all the beings in Sagittarius came to the earth.
When they came to the earth, they came with humans.
After they descended to the earth, they made mountains and rivers for the living of humans and they gave every kind of wisdom to humans for the human living.
They made various kind of food for humans in cooperation with the atoms from the sky.
As Sagittarius is the flat star with no gravitation, the giant Stone gods whose bodies were a semi-material were able to move freely.
They had lived there happily.
However it is not certain because I (Ms Taeko Shiraki) did not see Sagittarius with my own eyes.
Sagittarius is made up with a group of stars but the beings there seem to have gathered together with the same kind of subconsciousness and we can not say they came from the particular star.
We are apt to imagine the stars of three dimensions but those kind of thinking is not important.

Big spiritual body gather to the big stars and they have bad and strong influence to humans.
Though unnamed stars which have helped humans a lot are aggregation of stars, they have weak power.
A part of omega and zeta in Sagittarius formed the mountain on the earth like Stone gods but most of them came to the earth in the form of subconsciousness and became the fellows of the Ruler's Stars.

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