The hybrid type of animal and human in Egypt,Stone humans in Egypt  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

June 20, 2006

Stone humans in Egypt 

I was told from previous days Stone humans in Egypt lived the longest in the world, as they ate wheat which humans ate.
The wheat was made into the powder and was dissolved in the water to juice.

"The being from Chair seat told Stone humans to sit on the chair so that the giant with big body could rest the body.
As it was effortless when they sat on the chair, Stone gods in Egypt turned into the big Stone humans.
The atoms of the other Stone gods turned into the fertile land for Stone humans.
Water and the soil which was composed of the ingredients of Stone gods were mixed and turned into the soup.
Those juice penetrated into the body through the legs of the seated Stone humans when Nile River flooded.
When wheat was harvested, Stone humans drank the juice made of wheat from their mouths, too.
Therefore Stone humans in Egypt were healthy."

Colossi of Memnon at the time of flooding of the Nile in the 1800s.

* )The stars of Chair seat= The beings of Chair seat were much involved with the people of Middle East.
'Is' of Israel and Islamme means chair (in Japanese) and it shows 'Is' is related to Chair seat.

"The Ruler's Stars which looked at it complained that the earth would belong to only Sagittarius and Sirius which taught the buildings.
They tempted the atoms from the sky and consulted so that they could make humans by every star's participating.
Humans were made by Sagittarius and Sirius and humans lived happily with Stone humans.
However the Ruler's Stars saw the scene and thought they should dominate humans and wanted to solidify Stone humans.
As Stone gods knew the plot of the Ruler's Stars, they wanted to make a lot of Stone humans in a rush.
That is why a lot of Stone humans were made in Cappadocia and hypogeums in Europe.
A part of Stone humans remained in the underground in order to let the existence of them know to the humans in the later age by leaving their figures firmly.
Those are the Archaeological Sites and statues which have been buried in the underground.
The terracotta army (clay figurines found near the mausoleum of the first Qin emperor in China) belong to them.

The hybrid type of animal and human in Egypt were not able to live long.

There were crossbreed of humans and animals in Egypt and the murals of crossbreed show those crossbreed have been involved to stars which sent animals to the earth.

Animals were born as stars sent the image of them to the earth and the atoms which wanted to be animals turned into them.
Animals tried to coalesce with humans who were devised by Stone gods and Sirius.
However it was a bad idea.
The food which the part of the animal or bird head ate were not able to be digested by the human bodies.
Therefore those hybrid ended up in one generation."

The crossbreed with animals

* )The crossbreed with animals= The head is animal and the body is the human which were often depicted in the steles in Egypt.

The lined statues of sheep in Carnac ruins

"The lined statues of sheep in Carnac ruins were taught to turn into sheep by the Ruler's Stars so that the humans who were born there would become meek like sheep.
Those child Stone humans turned into the sheep as they were instructed to become ones instead of turning into colonnade.

The Ruler's Stars made child Stone gods stick snakes on the head so that humans would worship snakes, because snakes had been sent to the earth by the Ruler's Stars."

The statues of sheep

*)The statues of sheep=Many of them are lined in front of Carnac temple.

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