By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth


They are the semi-material animals which wicked Ruler's Stars made in order to cause panic among humans.
As Dragon ate the human souls, the atoms from the sky changed them into wild boars by shortening their bodies.
The wild boars were changed into the pigs in later years, so Islamic people don't eat pigs.

When the Ruler's Stars saw the human societies, they felt too boredom as humans lived happily.
Therefore the Ruler's Stars made dragons which made humans sacrifice for the rain etc in the past.
Human sacrifice caused panic among humans and the Ruler's Stars enjoyed it.
As many people worshiped Dragons as the incarnation of gods, the misunderstanding causes conflict among people even today.
Some of the humans believe rain is made by Dragon though it is not the truth.
When it rains little, people came to pray to Dragon for rain in some region and this custom gave birth to the tragedy.
There are some countries which worship Dragons at the national level.
Those countries have been given warning from the atoms from the sky.
For example China have once had SARZ epidemic, because China has faith in Dragons at national level, and the atoms from the sky sent virus to warn the danger of having faith in Dragons.

The beings of the Ruler's Stars have the shape of snakes or dragons and those who work for the Ruler's Stars will have to go back to the stars of snakes when they die.
People with the subconsciousness of Ruler's Stars can never understand humans were created by Stone gods or Stone humans because the Ruler's Stars are the main existence which have erased the evidences of Stone gods and Stone humans.

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