The project in the universe@@

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@"Let's solve the enigma of the earth"(

This is from 'The dictionary of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA'.

The project in the universe

Space is not pitch black dark with nothing.
There are such with awareness as the non-human.
There seems to be such unimaginable existence as the spiritual body even without the star shape.
It seems that there is a large celestial body called Goldielocks whose jurisdiction is over every star in the universe.
The information which humans didn't know was reported to me through the channeling from that star by the atoms from the sky for over 13 years.
The star tells repeatedly the equality is the most important principle in the universe.
However the principle of equality has been broken by royalism and imperial system or authority which monopolize the wealth of the earth.
The importance of the equality has beem told by me repeatedly around the world including each government, but there have been no change at all.
The earth has been filled with too much strife and I was told through the channeling the voice calling for help have reached as far as the end of the universe.
Therefore the meeting was held at the center of Goldielocks and the project to make the earth return to the original flat star was planned, I was told.
The earth was flat at first like these rectangle box-type stone.

There had been no big earthquake after Genkainada earthquake as this information was transmitted from Japan, because Goldielocks thought many of Japanese people would accept this information.
However most of Japanese have ignored it and some of them showered with verbal abuse in the internet world.
Stars have watched those scene in silence.
Therefore it was decided to make the earth return to the original flat shape after the meeting at Goldielocks where spiritual bodies in the universe gathered together.
The first project was carried out on March 11, 1211.
It was the Tohoku Pacific Ocean earthquake which caused big tsunami and destroyed nuclear power plants.
The day before of March 11, 1211 when the big earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, I had felt the acute pain of signal from the beings from the sky in my body and was urged to tell Japanese government the warning from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA.
I told it to the government.
However the warning was ignored at all.
Therefore the project was carried out at last.

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