The snake in the Old Testament

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Jan. 15, 2005

The snake in the Old Testament

At dawn on Jan. 15, 2005
I was told as follows through the channeling by the atoms from the sky.

"It was 'the star of snakes' that made humans involve in the star war.
Mankind has been at the mercy of the wicked serpent.
It was the serpent which recommended to eat an apple to Adam and Eve.
Though an apple represents the wisdom, the serpent didn't recommend to eat it at a nice feeling.
The shape of an apple represents the shape of the buttocks, too.
When we cut an apple into two, we can find the seeds, which represent sex and fertility.
It makes sense that a snake made humans, whom Stone gods made, eat an apple and taught wisdom.
The wisdom which the serpent taught is the one by which most of the humans were enticed to fight with one another on the earth.
The star of snakes wanted to make the earth the place like, so to speak, the game center.
They wanted to make humans fight with one another as if humans were like robots and wanted to enjoy by viewing the battle scenes.
The thoughts of the star of serpent is represented by the human trend of love game and sports vying for victory today.
'The star of snakes' is the very star which had caused the star war and made the Milky Way.
The Milky Way is configured by the wreckage of stars.

Pinnacles and Carnac ruins shows the star war in the universe and have the relation with each other

'The star of snakes' have also sent the people to the earth whose mission is to interfere with the spreading of the knowledge about Stone gods.

(Previously I was told the reason why snakes have no legs.
The beings from the sky and Stone gods had represented 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe with the ammonite whose shape was the whirlpool.
Therefore the Ruler's Stars made the things that the shell of ammonite was taken away and the contents inside of the shell were stretched.
It is the shape of the snake which represents the Ruler's Stars beat 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe.

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