By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth


Kundalini is the word which means that energy body(spiritual body) invades into the body in order to get a sexual pleasure.
I was told by the beings from the sky it is the dangerous act to surrender the body to energy body.
When you surrender your body to the spiritual body, you will get sometimes mentally unstable or channeling may be started.
The energy body sometimes claims itself as the god and dominate the person whose body is surrendered.
Those who are surrendered by those energy body often have the troubles in daily life.

August 22, 2002

I was told by the atoms from the sky as follows

Kundalini(?) is the terrifying matter.
It means your body is surrendered to energy body(spiritual body of the snake).
The energy body tries to possess human body by aiming for the spiritual weakness in order to get a sexual pleasure through the body.
When big energy body invades into your body, you will come to feel the intense pleasure in your head.
The channeling may start after that and energy body will dominate the humanity at the discretion of it.
Even though you may hear the voice which claims the god, it is a big mistake to think you realized the truth.
There are many types of energy body of the snakes which try to possess your body as there are many types of humanity.
When you are possessed by the naughty energy body, you will meet a lot of trouble from it.
You'll see it if you look at the behavior of the person.
Some energy body may claim itself as the god and may order you to rescue the human race.
However fine thing it may tell you your act will come to dominate the humanity and you will be separated from the law of the universe.
Your feelings will be manipulated at the discretion of the energy body.
In those cases the subconsciousness of the possessed persons hate the situation too much and often notify it.
We often see gurus of religious cult have caused a lot of problems.
When people are possessed by such energy body they are apt to misunderstand it as the true god as they are ofen shown the miracles.

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