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Story of Neu@

By Sennari

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Story of Neu

Although it seems that nothing exists in the space, the beings from the space tell that it is filled with elements called Neu that are smaller than atoms.
Neu, which we can never see, is looking at the earth with special feeling.
Stars are also not simple masses of rocks or gasses, but groups of Neus with awareness.

The earth was originally a star like a red fireball.
Neus in the universe planned to make the earth "Star of Hope" with an apparent shape.
Agreeing with this plan, a group of "Stone gods, atoms of Sagittarius" (which I call "Neus" hereinafter) came to cool and solidify the earth.
This group looked like rectangle box-type when it first arrived, and soon became a large mass that resembled kneaded dough, then stretched themselves into a thin film that enveloped the earth.

Obare Stone on Mt.Gozaisyodake.The earth was like these two rectangle box-type shape.

The next group of Neus came by forming a banana shape and turned to mountains and hills.
The last group of Neus looked like a jellyfish and became the origin of living organisms.
These Neus turned to creatures of various shapes under the order from the star.

Neus which came first and covered the earth were in constant conversation with Neus which became mountains.
These Neus told their sentiments to other Neus which were ascending as vapor.
The steam Neus then conveyed what they heard from mountain and underground Neus to those in the sky.
Neus in the sky who were given such information shared the same sentiments, thus getting together with steam Neus.

These Neus formed a large group.
The vapor Neus became water drops and then turned to clouds with a visible shape.
In this way, the feelings of Neus which covered the earth or became mountains began to float in the sky as clouds of various shapes.

Meanwhile, Neus with subconscious feelings, which came from the universe and became animated under the instruction of the stars, decided to inform people (or their obvious consciousness) about Neus which turned the earth to a place where animated beings can reside.
This is because people (or their obvious consciousness) believe that they can do anything as natural things and they are the smartest beings with abundant knowledge.
People are also constantly fighting with each other, unconscious of the fact that both the earth and food are made of Neus with sentiments.
What Neus dislike the most is the fact that people are unaware of Neu's contribution and respect other thing, namely, religion of various types, in which they worship God.
When their faith in God is too strong, Neus who constitute the human body send out the sign of SOS.
Those which have delivered SOS get together in large numbers and communicate with each other, thereby delivering a massive SOS signal filled with their sentiments to the universe.
Neus try to have people notice what they are doing through various actions, which cause various disasters.
Thus disasters are messages from the sky (universe) that have been sent in response to people's sentiments.

Clouds of various shapes are the manifestation of Neus' sentiments.
Those of unusual shapes have been formed when Neus which share the same opinions get together to inform people of the existence of conscious creatures or to protest to people.
The appearance of such clouds or the occurrence of earthquakes is a message delivered to attract people's attention to Neus.
This is the cause of earthquakes and natural disaster.
Small earthquakes are also signs sent by Neus to let people know the existence of conscious creatures.
When huge earthquakes occur, we should take them as signals from Neus which want people to know that people are going in the wrong direction.

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