Vision and Jesus

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 11, 2003

Vision and Jesus

I (Miss Taeko Shiraki) was made to become critically depressed in the summer of 1998 by Pleiades and I was deprived of hope to live.
At that time Aegean sea of Greece where I had been in the previous year was reminded as if it had been heaven.
I wanted to visit there again and went there with my daughter.
I also went to Santorini which was informed it had been the health resort of Atlantis.
My impression there was only hot with no excitement whatever scene I might view.
I went to Mykonos with my daughter as she wanted to go bathing at the beach.
However the landscape around the beach was too dry.
In the bus on the way to the beach my mouth suddenly began to move clearly.

"I'm Jesus.
Israel is as dry as this landscape.

I was surprised as the subconsciousness descended to the ground.

I feel very painful when I see crosses and the crosses of crucifixion are sold at the store, because those are the things which were sold by Roman soldiers who told people if people had believed in me, they would have had to suffer the same fate as me."

As the words told through the channeling was unexpected contents I was much surprised.
After that the subconsciousness of the related people of Jesus and Maria descended to me and told me what I had never heard until then one after another.
They told me they should tell me the truth as they had been instructed to convey it to me by the beings from the sky.
Though I had ever read the Bible, I thought there are many mysteries in it.
However I thought I was able to solve many of the mysteries by the channeling information given then.
The word 'Bartholomew' had worried me for some reason in particular, but the meaning of "orphan child = Gaijin of one of the foreign country" had been fitted with the information that was informed.
I was given the explanation even though Jesus helped people, he was given the cruel treatment, such as that from the same Jewish people at the end.
Moreover why and how was the trial was given by Jews without the ruler Pilate declaring it on his own was told to me.

The more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA) NO1

The more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA) NO2

"I'm Jesus.
Please let the fellows know my words.
I had the happy end as Isukiri in Japan.
It was Pleiades that had let people know that I would be born.
So Herod who had been dominated by the fellow of the Ruler's Stars killed the born babies.
The Ruler's Stars got the energy by making Jews who were dominated by the fellows of the Ruler's Stars and Christians who were dominated by Pleiades fight.
As the subconsciousness of the Ruler's Stars has gone now, the thought of humanity will be able to decide the future."

I wondered why Jesus suddenly descended to me .
I imagine the reason of it was that I had been looking at the decorations of the Christmas at the store.


1) "The cartoon picture of Mt. Fuji turned up and the big fish and the man wearing a diving suit move from left to right on it."

I was given the explanation of the above vision as follows.

"Those who study undersea ruins etc are humble as they think there might be so-called super-ancient ruins that have not been known until now but those who believe only science earnestly believe only what they see and the literature works."

2) "There is a white cross which looks like Pleurotus eryngii and the light of light purple wrap around it and dull gold wraps it from the outside." -------------------------------------------------------------

Scene of "Ashes and Diamonds" and "Edges of the Lord" movie of Poland have been recalled to me.
The cross is shown in both the movies and Poland got miserable by the Nazis.
I was told the subconsciousness of the earth gpd had known the cruel deed of the Nazis, and had sent the signal of SOS to the stars in the universe.
(Each planet and star has subconsciousness, though people don't know it.:by Takashi)

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