By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 6, 2003


"You will see the reason why Stone gods turned into the silicon (the main component of the rock) in the reported contents today.

(It means the king of Sagittarius plunged into the seething earth. )

When the king of Sagittarius descended to the earth, the earth was too hot.
He had very strong will, though.
He still tried to make the universe peaceful by making the earth 'Star of Hope'.
The body of the king was just like jellyfish.
When he plunged into the seething earth, his body died instantly and got past the carbon to silicon.
Stone gods were like jellyfish when they descended to the earth.

Silicon shows he came from Sagittarius which is far away from the earth.
As the consciousness of the king talked to the iron atoms , they are bonded with Stone gods who had descended later and the earth got solidified at last.
As everyone was equal in the universe , the first atom in the universe was only helium.
Everyone was also equal in Sagittarius at first and Sagittarius was filled with heliums.
When helium made the loop in order to befriend with each other, more and more helium got together.
Therefore they burned intensely and C (carbon) and O (oxygen) were made."

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