The warning from the earth | Guilin | Coma Berenices(the Berenice's Hair)  

By Takashi

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July 19, 2005

The warning from the earth | Guilin | Coma Berenices(the Berenice's Hair) | Easter Island | Stone humans |

July 18, 2005
I woke up as I felt itchy on the right toes.

"I'm going to set sail(?).
It is because I'm going to inform the abnormalities of the Earth.
The most important word does not come out of any scientist.
The most important thing which humans should know is atoms have consciousness.
Scientists never recognize the earth is suffering because humans don't admit Atoms have consciousness.
I (the earth) asked Stone gods to make Crop Circles.
I don't know what kind of the stone circles Stone gods make because the thoughts of Stone gods are different from each of them.
This is the advice which tells even if you were not found you couldn't do any bad deed.
Do you know how Reptilian humanoids put inhabitants of the earth in a miserable corner?
The beings from the sky are looking at those situation as if they looked at the Crop Circles from the observatory.
The atoms from the sky can see each of humanity with more elaborate lens* are being shown.

*lens=It means details on the ground can be seen by artificial satellites.

(Tears come out)

"It is the earth that is crying.
More and more oppressed people are increasing.
On that sacrifice, people of the opposite has been self-indulgent."

I am going to sleep from now.

I woke up as I coughed out.

"I've found it.
Strong friend of Stone gods has been found."


"Megalithic wall is gradually completed from the front and large circles like stars can be seen in the back."

The vision means the star which taught the technique to assemble the fence of Megalithic in South America was found.

(Postscript)(Please refer to the lower illustration)

"The name of the star, who taught the giants of Stone gods, the technology to build megalithic ruins like Tiahuanaco (Bolivia) in Latin America, was that of the "Coma Berenices(the Berenice's Hair)."
As the beings of that star hated the Ruler's Stars, they stayed far away from the earth."

(I have had no reply until now even if I might ask about Megalithic ruins in Central and South America.)

Tiahuanaco (Bolivia)


"I'm the being of Coma Berenices(the Berenice's Hair).
It was the beings of Coma Berenices(the Berenice's Hair) that told to leave the hair on the head when Stone humans made humanity.
Therefore ethnic who stretched their hair was made in China.
There are cliffs which have huge skylight there."

Spirit through large canyon in China*

I asked the reason why the cliff became round one.

" The atoms of the earth should form the circle.
If they don't become the circle, it will incur the terrifying situation.
As the round cliff shows it, atoms hold hands and the earth gets round."

* )Spirit through large canyon in China = They say there is the rock art which depict red frog-shaped humanity in the high place on the ancient stone wall.
Moreover there is the ancient sarcophagus(?) which is put on the cliff.

"The rocky mountain in Guilin has been left as it used to show the alter ego of Stone gods are looking forever.
The beings Coma Berenices(the Berenice's Hair) made humans who cherish their hair there.*"

* )there=There is a stone box on the bluff and humanity was made in it
As humanity was taught to cherish their hair, there is Yao(people) who have long hair.

"The reason why we made humans on the high bluff was for the stone box not to be broken or not to be used for the coffin.
Humans made in the high place were downed to the ground on the palm of the giant of Stone god.
It is the same of Nazca Lines which were also shown to humans who were put on the palm of a giant.

image collection of rock art

Frog-type Stone humans were depicted on the rock art.

The reason why the rock art of frog-shaped human were depicted was Stone humans who were there looked like them.
Stone humans were human-shaped small Stone gods and the figures of them were like humans.
However they were not able to stand long like humans.
As they had limbs, they were able to draw pictures and make mysterious shaped rocks.
The researchers of the inner world tell only 144,000 will be saved in case of ascension.
The number of 144,0 means 'Stone humans' in Japanese.
The number shows humans of Stone gods=Stone humans, were made 144,000.
However the Ruler's Stars have cajoled those who believe them as chosen people!
Smaller Stone humans compared with the giants of Stone gods drew such rock arts here and there in the world.
Moreover stone chambers which were composed of a lot of stacked pebbles which are often found in France were made by Stone humans.
The big stone buildings which are often found in Egypt, Greece and Rome were made by giants who were related to Atlantis people.
Those who sculptured on the stone architecture were small humans who were dominated by the Ruler's Stars.
People say all the masonry were made by humans but it is not true.
The basic of them were made by giants."

*I am going to sleep from now.

*Ms Taeko Shiraki is usually woken up for channeling at night when she is asleep.
After she writes down what was told through the channeling on the bed, she sleeps again.
Therefore she writes "I am going to sleep from now."

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