The more detailed Jesus tale from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA NO1

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yThe more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA) NO1z

By Takashi

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

June 28,2004

yThe more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA)NO1

sAll the stories of this page were informed through channeling and not written by imagination. t

National Geographic Society announced that it has decrypted the manuscript of phantom of Gospel of Judas made 1700 years ago on April 6, 2006.

Jesus praised Judah as he is the only disciple that properly understood the teachings and said, "Judah, you will be the person who will be beyond the other disciples."

yStone men along the Mediterranean coast were the statues to which real humans of Atlantis turned into and remained as stone statue.

The stone statues in Vatican etc are the same type.z

Three sages of the East(The incarnation of stars of Vega, Andromeda and Aquarius)appeared on the earth to dominate the humans by religions which praised Jesus.

During the Atlantis era, one of twins of Stone men, Minerva has grown up and married with the queen of Atlantis. They had a child and lived happily. After a long period of time Minerva was reborn as Jesus in Jerusalem.

As the Ruler's Stars knew Jesus would born again as a human, they wanted to dominate and be nasty to him. They made a plan and the mass of subconsciousness alighted to the earth in the shape of big comet. The mass of subconsciousness of the Vega, Andromeda and Aquarius which were the comrades of the Ruler's Stars came to the earth in the comet and each incarnation of those stars turned into the three Phds in the east who has been told in Gospel of Matthew. They turned up on the birthday of Jesus and constrained him intensely mentally and started to dominate him.

In addition, the rumor about Herod who had ruled Rome at the time, was spread as he had been a tyrant and had murdered a toddler. However actual Herod was not a emperor but the believer of Stone gods and governed the people in Rome as well. That is why he protected orphans cordially and had prestige among the people. However authorities who were ruled by the Ruler's Stars later years shed rumors that Nero had been the tyrant of infanticide plausibly in order not to make people believe in Stone gods. They made people believe those rumors and have sealed the existence of Stone gods.

Middle East which was separated from Rome kept the society where men had the power and women were despised as servant only to breed children. Joseph, father of Jesus who had the big body was the same as the other men and treated Maria who had a small body like a child as if she had been a slave.

Soon Maria noticed that her belly got bigger but she did not realize she was pregnant. Other people, did not even think of Maria with the body like a child had been pregnant. They were surprised because the child was born of Mary suddenly. Then three Phds in the east visited Jesus with a lot of jewels and told the people Jesus was the God's child. Therefore people around Jesus came to think virgin Maria really gave birth to a child.

Jesus was a child who was always listening to the words of someone who can't be seen. As he always answered "yes," he was named Jesus.

The voice which Jesus heard, was from the subconsciousness of Chair seat which was a subordinate of the Ruler's Stars. Chair seat controlled Jesus more strongly and made Jesus go to India as the help of Indian merchants, while the Ruler's Stars were waiting for Jesus to grow.

Jesus got acquainted with Muhammad, the son of those who govern the country along the way to India. They noticed that there was a flaw in the palm of each other. Both thought they were similar to each other with the friendly character. Jesus began to cultivate a friendship with him while he went to India several times.

When Jesus grew up he came to work as a mason under his father. However he worried because his father was a heavy drinker and behaved violently against his mother, Maria. As he loved mother, he could not bear to watch his mother being beaten. One night he went out of the house and was watching the meteor shower in the sky.

Suddenly he heard much louder and dignified voice from the darkness than the one which he had used to hear. The voice called himself God. The voice said it would give Jesus the power to cure illness. The voice also said he would have to follow what the voice told. The voice was from the subconsciousness of Pleiades of the Ruler's Star.

From the next day he came to be able to really cure the illness by putting his hand on the affected area of the sick. The power to cure the disease grew stronger day by day. The people who heard the rumor came to him one after another and had the disease cured.

Maria was a gentle woman and she had brought up the foundings. One day a child who seemed to be the son of rich parents came crying. He was brought by the disciple of Jesus. He was a child of the foreign country and they did not know the language of him. Even though he was asked his name, he did not answer. So he was called Bartholomew, which meant 'Exotic little person'.

Bartholomew seemed to be a child of Italian merchant and had got lost from his parents. At first Bartholomew was crying but he soon got used to the environment as there were children around him. Jesus especially treated him with love and acted together with him.

Jesus was kind enough to take him to Italy for searching his parents in vain. Though Bartholomew was naughty, he was wise and became the disciple of Jesus. He helped Jesus in healing the sick.

The other adults came to become disciples and they came to live in a group. However there happened many problems while they were living in a group. Therefore Jesus made the rule. Though the disciples complained that it was too severe, only Judah complied with what Jesus had said and always helped him.

In addition Judah became the best counselor of Jesus when various problems happened and Jesus trusted him most.

Not to change the subject , Emma, the brought-up orphan by Maria, grew up to be a slut girl but beautiful and turned into prostitute. Emma did tempt Jesus. As Jesus knew her doings and had become so deep relationship with a woman named Manami, he did not accept Emma's confession of love. She was driven by jealousy and she spread wrong rumors among partners of prostitution that she was pregnant with Jesus' child even though she was pregnant with someone else's child. Maria was at a loss by the rumors and she made Emma move away from Jesus by giving the severance pay to her as Jesus had got a lot of money from believers.

On the other hand, the Ruler's Stars had ruled Jesus by the voice claiming God and it gradually came to tell more severe things to Jesus. Jesus worried a lot about it.

The voice told him to stand up from the domination of Rome and make a revolt. After a while the voice told him that he would say to people to become the king of Judea. He was threatened that he would also have to go to the hell if he would not follow the order of the voice. In addition, the voice threatened by saying to him, "Let's fight against Rome and try to separate."

As Maria knew Jesus was talking about the war, she worried that he might be put on trial and be killed. She asked Pilatus who was ruling Jerusalem in those days, to help the life of Jesus by giving lots of jewels etc. However big man of the husband, Joseph found that jewels were gone and kicked in the ribs of Maria to death.

As Jesus was crying about the war for independence from Roman rule, those who worried that war might happen, consulted with Pilatus and asked him to put Jesus on trial. However he had heard of Jesus was very kind and was only healing the sick from his daughter Nias. Moreover he had been given a lot of jewels by Maria and had been asked to let Jesus acquit by her, he was worried what to do. Therefore he decided to let people make a judgement without his doing it. People hated to wage war because they had lived in peace. Therefore they opposed that Jesus would become a king and wage war against Rome. They asked Pilatus to crucify Jesus.

Jesus was decided to be crucified by the court. He gathered his disciples at the Last Supper and consulted with them by telling he was going to run away somehow. Judah offered money for travel expenses because he had been trusted by Maria and had kept the money from her. John also heard it but he had been forced to tattletale officials because he had been dominated by the Ruler's Stars. As Jesus was to be crucified those that had dominated Jesus started to dominate John. The Ruler's Stars told John to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and showed the vision of the hell to which he had to go if he wouldn't follow the order of the voice. Therefore Prophecy of John was written.

Pilatus told people to crucify Jesus as he was demanded to do so by people, but he told the soldiers who was to witness the crucifixion, not to kill Jesus. Therefore soldiers just poked in the ribs of Jesus. In addition, the wrists, the ankles and the hip were covered with cloth by which the ropes around the wrists, the ankles and the hip were concealed and the hip was fixed to the cross by the ropes. The left ankle were not driven by the nails and the nails of the palm were thin. Therefore he was aimed to be able to escape by cutting the rope. However Jesus fainted by the pain and fear of crucifixion. Those who witnessed the scene thought Jesus had been dead and came home.

The brother of Jesus and Judah were surprised to find Jesus was alive when they tried to down the body of Jesus from the cross at night. They made Jesus pretend to be dead and carried Jesus' body to the tombs. Only Jesus' brother and Judah remained there after others returned home and waited for the recovery of Jesus and took him to the house of Manami under cover of the darkness. Manami was the maid for Maria whom Jesus had come to love and a girl had been born between them. As Jesus forbade disciples the relationship with a woman Maria made her get a secret relationship with Jesus. Manami reluctantly had returned to the house of her hometown near the Sea of Galilee and had been bringing up her child under the financial support of Jesus. Judah and the others decided to shelter Jesus in the Manami's house. Soon he could get well thanks to the hard nursing of Manami.

On the other hand there was no body of Jesus was found and people thought he must have got away. The disciples of Jesus were killed because they were regarded as the same fellow of Jesus. In addition, Manami was also aimed for life, she fled to the Colosseum in Italy because it was thought God lived there. However the man who was dominated by the Ruler's Stars had kept lions in Colosseum and she was attacked by them and was killed. The child of Manami was picked up by greedy couple and was forced to work hard, and she was sold to the farmer in Poland later. In the subsequent period the Ruler's Stars showed people the illusions of Jesus by the unimaginable powerful energy in order to dominate people, by which the Ruler's Stars made people believe as if Jesus was the son of God who ascended into heaven. In addition the Ruler's Stars did a lot of miracles and made many people believe Jesus.

When Jesus got well, Jesus, his younger brother, Sananda and Judah consulted with one another as they thought they could not run away forever and decided to go to Japan. From the soul of Maria Jesus had been told to go to Japan at the End of the East because true god is in Japan. The reason why Jesus and people around him wanted to go to Japan is as follows. Jesus could hear the voices from unseen beings among which there were the voice of the deceased mother, the voice of Chair seat and faint voice of Stone gods. In addition he heard the imperative and strong voice of the Ruler's Stars. As he was told to wage war by the imperative and strong voice he made it a rule to wear the crown made of thorns because he had been told if he wore the crown made of thorns, he could shut off the strong voice.

That's why the Ruler's Stars are the stars of snakes and snakes hate thorns and he could shut off the strong voice which was sent to Jesus' head from the Ruler's Stars by wearing the crown made of thorns. Then the strong voice stopped entering Jesus' head and he could hear the faint voice of Stone gods and the one of the deceased mother. Jesus thought those stories told by them were true.

Therefore some people, including Jesus, his brother, Judah, boatmen and Bartholomew secretly escaped from Jerusalem. They went to Muhammad who had been good friends with Jesus and asked to give them a ship by telling that they were being chased. Kind Muhammad gave a ship when he saw Jesus was in trouble. They first went to India but Judah downed the ship at India because he could not stand the voyage. He pulled himself into the place of the person whom Jesus had known.

When Jesus wore the crown made of thorns, he could shut off the domination of the Ruler's Stars. Therefore he changed his name from Jesus to Isukiri. He was guided only by the voice of Stone gods and he arrived at the port of Tosaminato in the northern part of Japan. People in Tosaminato were surprised to see the appearances of foreigners, but they soon became friends as they believed in the same Stone gods. As Isukiri was accustomed to taking care of the sick, he was treated with care by the people around Tosaminato. Though Isukiri's brother and the boatman stayed in Tohoku district, northern part of Japan, and married the women of the land in the subsequent period, Isukiri and Bartholomew moved south guided by the voice of Stone gods or at the request of the people.

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