The pots for the juice which giants put on their heads@

By Takashi

When I (Takashi)@was viewing image collection of the Nazca Lines, I found the image which shows the pots which were put on the head of the giants.
The pots were used for putting the *juice for the giants.
(*The juice or the soup is the liquid which contains the ingredients of Stone gods and it came out from Stone gods)

The book which was published recently by 'Star and sky publication'for the information of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA put the image of the pots for giants which show more pots in one image.
We can find the image on P 29 of the book.
Maybe it is only information of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA that can explain how those pots were used, isn't it ?
According to the information of it, the pots themselves were alive when giants put them on their heads.
There were holes in the bottom of the pots so that juice could seep into the head of giants.
However I was told the pots were also dead when giant died.
When giants were dead, the holes in the bottom of the holes of the pots naturally closed and they came to be able to put liquid.
However the pot shape of the bottom is round and doesn't have the flat bottom for the standing.
If humans had made them for putting liquid, they would have made the bottom flat.@

Image collection of Nazca Lines
Pointed pots
The statue in Egypt put the shorter pot on the head.

Thank you for your mail.

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