The more detailed Jesus tale from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA NO2

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yThe more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA) NO2z@

By Sennari

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

June 28,2004

yThe more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA)NO2

sAll the stories of this page were informed through channeling and not written by imagination. t

As people around Ibaraki Prefecture, middle part of Japan believed in Stone gods, they became friends with Isukiri. Isukiri told them he had worn the crown made of thorns to shut off the voice of the Ruler's Stars. Therefore the name of "Ibaraki", the name of the land was made.

"Ibara" means "thorn" in Japanese. "Ki" in Ibaraki means "record" in Japanese.

Isukiri and the people around him moved to south while taking care of the sick and teaching the work of mason. Those who yearned for Isukiri came to enshrine "Arahabaki" which means "God guest". "Arahabaki" is the compound word of Allah and habaku. "Allah" means "to thank the sun." and "habaku" means that we should be careful as bad subconsciousness comes on the comets. "Arahabaki" taught people above meaning.

Isukiri and the people around him moved further south and got to Osaka. As they heard the rumor that Hosinomina, alter ego of the Ohmotoicenterjin the universe is around there, they decided to settle in that area, Jywso in Osaka.

The reason why the land name of Jywso was made is "Jywso" means thirteen in Japanese and "Jew" of "Jywso" means JewiPeople of Judeaj and "so" means "thought". In addition, the number of disciples of Jesus was twelve. Bartholomew grew bigger and was added. Therefore the total of the disciples became thirteen.

Isukiri healed the sick , taught the work of mason and propagated the teachings of Stone gods at Jywso, too.

They heard the rumors that Jewish parents and their child had been washed ashore on Japan long, long time ago, and there were descendants of reincarnation. Therefore Jesus looked for the descendants of reincarnation and found him whom he greeted him as the adopted son. Jesus taught him various things about Judea and told it is not good to fight.

Latterly Jesus was taken care of by Bartholomew and the adopted son and they moved to the place called Isikiri which is at the foot of Mt Ikoma. Jesus left a will that he wanted to be buried beside the rocky mountain of Ikoma at his death. His hope came true after he had died.

His soul descended to the person in later years and asked to make thirteen -storied pagoda beside his tomb and his wish came true, too. The true tomb of Jesus is in Mt Ikoma beside which there is the tomb of Bartholomew.

Though some say there is the tomb of Jesus in Aomori Prefecture , it is not the one of Jesus but the one of Jesus' brother and boatmen, who married there and there were descendants around there. That's why there live people who have DNA of Caucasian in Tohoku district, northeastern part of Japan today. The existence of DNA of Caucasian in Tohoku districts can be explained as there were Italians like Bartholomew among disciples of Jesus. In addition there have remained songs and customs which are still thought to have been derived from the Hebrew in Tohoku district. The adopted son of Isukiri was taught various things by Isukiri and he grew into a respectable adult. Therefore he was trusted by many people. He was elected the emperor@ in the first election. The name of the emperor was Emperor Nintoku, who cherished Stone gods and governed the public. Therefore he was buried cordially in the giant keyhole-shaped mound which was the corpse of Stone gods when he died. The last word of Greek letter was made by mimiking this shape of the keyhole-shaped mound . It is the shape of Stone god, too. On the tip of the Christmas tree, a big star is decorated and various stars are decorated under it. It shows the star on the tip represents the Ruler's Star which rules other planets. Many stars under the tip represent those which are ruled by the Ruler's Star.

The story of Befana, old woman, who refused to go with three Phd of the East has been transmitted in Italy. Three Phd were on the way to Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of Christ. She rejected to go with them jn the guise of busy but later she was witnessed to be looking for Jesus flying through the sky on the broom. This very old woman is the queen of Pleiades who dominated Jesus. Even now, there are lots of people who are not able to escape from the spell of the Ruler's Stars in this way.

"Mary Magdalene is the woman who was dominated by the same star as dominated Jesus."

was told through channelingB

Postscript on June 8,2006

"Sananda was not Jesus' real brother. He was a Caucasian.
When Jesus went to Italy to look for the parents of Bartholomew, he found a founding whom Jesus brought back from Italy.
He was brought up for the conversational partner of Bartholomew.
Isukiri's brother came not to be able to give birth to a child.
The beings in the universe said it should be told to Isukiri.
After Isukiri came to Japan, his child was not born.
Isukiri drew marks on the foreheads of babies@around him.
So modern babies are marked on the foreheads, too."

jmark=According to the custom of the village of Herai in Aomori Prefecture marks are drawn on the foreheads of babies.
And the song of the Jews have remained there.

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