Nara and Kyoto of Japan 

By Takashi(=Sennari)

I'm happy to learn one of related men of The Megalithic Portal will travel to Japan this year.
He is going to visit Tokyo,Nara and Kyoto, I learned.
Nara and Kyoto are next to each other though Tokyo is about 600q away from them.
I live in Kyoto.
There are many tourist attractions in both the cities.
Kyoto is famous for many temples.
The view of Arashiyama is very beautiful, with the river of pure water and the beautiful mountain in the background.

In Nara there is a famous stonehenge called Tumulus of Isibutai(Stonestage) , which I have visited many times previously.
This is Tumulus of Isibutai(dolmens)in which Stone humans were made.There are many Dolmens on parade in the world.

Masuda rock ship.
Both the Megalith are the pictures of the same thing taken from the different agles. Can you believe this stone flew from Persia to Japan in ancient times? It is the stone flying ship on which Stone men came flying to Nara,Japan. Don't you think it was impossible to drill two square holes without using iron chisels in ancient times? Atoms of Stone gods were able to loosen the hands each other and floated up.
Angels like Gabriel and Michael were able to fly as they were Stone men. Jesus said mountains were able to be moved, because he knew mountains were Stone humans.
Even today there are Moving stones.

In Ayabe,Kyoto there is a mound called Kisaichimaruyama tumulus .

Kisaichimaruyama tumulus in Ayabe, Kyoto, Japan

But as it is located in the suburbs of Kyoto, you maybe not be able to visit there as there are more famous tourist attractions in the center of Kyoto.
You should choose the season when you visit Japan, as it is too hot in summer.
Moreover there is rainy season in June.
Spring and fall are the best season with mild climate.
In fall you can enjoy the view of autumn leaves.
Many mountains turn red or yellow.

Archaeological Sites of Nara

Tourist attractions of Kyoto

Tourist attractions of Nara

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