Archaeological Sites in Iran on parade@

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By Takashi

These are images of Archaeological Sites in Iran.

Please refer to Pasargadae in IranbNaghsh-e Rustam in Iran first.

There seemed Stone man who put a pot of the juice on the head.

We couldn't find the meaning of these pillars if we didn't know the information of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA.
When we see those pillars, we can't help thinking they are not the pillars for supporting the roof.

According to this statue, there seemed Stone man who had wings on the horse body like Pegasus.
However this statue shows it has the human head, which is different from the statue of Pegasus.

Stone man who is shown ª here have the rectangle box-type thing under his chin in which the debris of food was put like the one of The strange rectangle box-type thing under the chin of the statue of Ramesses .
Moreover the figure has wings by which it shows it flew in the sky as an angel.@
What is the thing held in his handH
Is it the ears of wheat?
As it is held as if it were important thing, it may be a very valuable thing like human food.
As there is not much water in Iran, it is unlikely to be ears of the rice.
There is a great possibility of the ears of wheat.

World Heritage SitesEArchaeological Site of Persepolis in Iran (animation)

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