The more detailed story of Islam from the sky(universe)

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yThe more detailed story of Islam from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORAz

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is from"Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

June 28, 2004

(The more detailed story of Islam from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA)

Postscript Oct.24,2010

kThe most important matter in the universe is the equality and it is the same for men and women. The worst matter is to dominate others.l

In the origin of the teachings of Islam, the teaching of the equality should have been included, but authorities who were dominated by the Rulers' Stars(stars which want to dominate)interpreted the teachings of Islam in the way of their own and have pressed the wrong teachings to the people in later years.
The right of women is not recognized in Islamic countries even though men and women are the same humans.
The matter which is not forgiven in the universe is "to rule others".
Today Muslim men are apt to abuse women and children, which is too awful for words.
The voices calling for help reach the end of the universe.
Such abuse will never be forgiven.

They have the law which admit a man to have four wives.
When humans were created in the early days the bodies of humans were too weak and it was hard to increase the population.
That's why such an unreasonable law was made.
However an unusual population growth is seen now.
At present the law is nothing but the pinnacle of the tyranny of man, typical of disregard for human rights and it is the law which can never be admitted.
Things that are around the outside of the orbit of Pluto which claim to be "The punishment troops" are said to come to the earth to punish those domineering people.

Huge object of 240 km in diameter in the picture astronomy is heading for Earth?

This is the story told by the atoms in the universe through channeling.
Muhammad who appears in this story was not the Guru of Islam.
The Guru of Islam was the man who had the subconsciousness of Muhametto, son of Muhammad and he was reborn as the Guru of Islam in later years.

Many stars in the universe have various thoughts like humans and they had discontent, too.
The earth was made of the mass of discontent of those stars and it burned red owing to the energy of discontent.
The body awareness from Sagittarius called Stone gods descended to the earth in order to make the earth "Star of Hope".
The bodies of Stone gods were soft like jellyfish.
Stone gods became the soft mass like rice cakes and covered the earth .
As the earth was too hot, however, they called for help to the universe.
Therefore Mercury made the rain fall on the earth to cool it.
Saturn presented the soil and Jupiter presented plants to the earth.
The other stars gave wisdom by which many things were able to turn up on the earth.
Therefore the earth turned into the very bustling star.
As Stone gods descended in the shape like jellyfish, the scene was represented by the shape of semicircle of the mosque.
The minarets were made to represent the writing brush for writing down the fact of Stone gods' descending to the earth.
The mosques have several small semicircle roofs which show Stone gods were able to multiply like jellyfish.

Stone gods which turned into mountains and rocks were not able to leave descendants like other animals.
Therefore they wanted to create the being which were able to tell about them after they had turned into mountains or rocks.
They consulted with Sirius and other stars in order to create humans.
Atoms of one part of Stone gods turned into Stone humans which were able to move freely.
Atoms which had turned into Stone humans remembered the shape of Stone humans firmly and decomposed again.
In other case, Stone gods turned into various shaped stone buildings e.g.
On the other hand atoms which descended to the sea turned into the algae or the plankton, which evolved into various creatures rapidly with the wisdom given by many stars.
Humans were created in the stone circles which were made of the body of Stone gods.
The energy was given to the decomposed atoms of Stone humans in the stone circles and atoms changed into humans.
This is the birth of the first human.

(For more information about the details of the story this far, please refer to the book "The story of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA")

kThe story of Islam of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORAl

1)Stone gods that descended to Middle East were like jellyfish and they were shown by the mosques whose roofs are semicircle.
The minarets(spires) represent the the form that are similar to a brush in order to write and convey the shape of Stone gods which descended to the earth.
The mosques have several small semicircle roofs which show Stone gods were able to multiply like jellyfish.
Stone gods which alighted to Middle East in the early days , turned into many Stone humans in the underground cavity of Turkey and Jerusalem.
Stone humans lived peaceful lives and took care of humans whom they had created.
The Rulers' Stars saw the scene and tried to enjoy by playing humans off against each other.
Stone gods felt sorry for humans who were manipulated by the Rulers' Stars and descended to Jerusalem in order to help humans somehow.
It was Stone god who had turned into the rock in the Dome of the Rock.
Stone god created several semi-Stone humans who had the ability of Stone humans. Those semi-Stone humans were able to do a lot of miracles by talking to the atoms and hear the voice of Stone gods.
They conveyed that real parents of humans are Stone gods.
However the Rulers' Stars with the stronger force came to dominate them later.
Even though those semi-Stone humans taught about Stone gods, the Rulers' Stars came to tell different stories later, and humans came to believe in different gods.
That's why various religions developed in Jerusalem.

2)Jesus and Muhammad were born again as semi-Stone humans with the ability of Stone humans.
They both grew as respectable persons.
Jesus often went to India when young and he met Muhammad on the way to India.
Both recalled that they were the twins in the past lives and got along with each other.
Even though Jesus came to be trusted by people, sadly enough he came to be dominated by the Rulers' Stars.
Therefore he said to people "Let fight a battle against the domination of Rome" and he was sentenced to death.
He fled the country and called for help to Muhammad who had become the owner of the ship.
He felt sorry for Jesus and gave a ship to Jesus.
Jesus could escape safely but Muhammad was killed by the bad man who was not happy about his behavior.
Muhammad who was killed was calm and had popularity among many people.
Muhammad had changed the terrible laws of vengeance until then as follows:
Though the interpretation of "an eye for an eye" of Islam is regarded as the teaching of revenge, it is wrong.
Islam preached as "an eye for an eye" which meant "if somebody gave you something beautiful to see, you should gift them back something beautiful to see, and as "a tooth for a tooth" meant "if somebody gave you something to eat, you should gift them back something to eat."
This meant that we should not monopolize the grace of God, though it is regarded as the teaching of revenge now.
Peaceful era was followed by the teaching.
The bad guy grabbed the wealth of Muhammad but brought up his child, Muhametto.

The bad guy dreaded if Muhametto might realize the fact.
Therefore he tried to kill Muhametto.
So Muhametto grew without the love of people around.
The bad guy changed the above law of love to the original law of vengeance.
That means "If you've been hurt your eyes, you should hurt the eyes of perpetrator."
"If you are broken your teeth you should break the teeth of perpetrator."
Muhametto grew by being taught the above meaning.
In addition the bad guy told a lie to Muhametto that the man who had killed his father had been Christians.
As Muhametto always felt someone tried to kill him, he could not trust other's behavior.
He loved only his daughter but he worried if she might be killed.
Therefore Muhametto ordered the people to wear the cloth to cover the face so that his sister was able to wear the cloth like others when she went out.
However Muhametto was still restless, and he made a tough apprenticeship in the plain in order to be strong somehow.
When he was making a tough apprenticeship, sounded a voice from nowhere.
The voice said to Muhametto "I will tell you the place where black water (oil)and the coal tar gushes out but when black water gushes out, the one who try to kill you will turn up and he will be the man who will marry your sister."
Soon his sister had the man whom she loved and she said to Muhametto she wanted to marry him.
Her marriage partner was his subordinate.
After worrying Muhametto stabbed her eye and killed his subordinate.

Muhametto made his country larger as he followed the order of the unseen voice.
However he regretted his deed till the end of his life.

Muhametto became more and more strong king and made the severe law.
He heard the voice which told him to rest the stomach once in a while as he ate too much delicacy.
He ordered the people to do it, too(fasting).
As Muhametto heard the voice from above his head, he ordered the people to cover their head with cloth so that they might not hear the voice.


Stone gods made human hair so that they would express the stars.

It is unfortunate if Islamic people always conceal their hairs with cloth because their hair is the source to get the favor from the stars.

He forbade to eat pork as the voice told him the pigs had turned from the bad dragons to them.
The reason why they dress in white means the beginning of the universe is the white light.
It also means the white light of Hoshinomina(alter ego of the Ohmoto)= lightning.
The reason why people turn around the pillar in Mecca represents the beginning of the universe was the whirlpool.
Even though people do not go to Mecca, their feeling will be sent to the universe, if people know the meaning of whirlpool.
Islamic people sit on the floor and worship.
It represents the feeling of thanks to Stone gods by touching the earth.
It is because Stone gods gave food after they made the earth and the planet on which humans can live.
Though Muhametto made severe laws, he also made the good rule to cherish the fellows.
It is the Islamic world where the laws which were made long, long time ago have remained until now.
When the body of Muhametto got weak, he tried to put the lions before the two-wheelers and made them pull the two-wheelers.
He wanted to get rid of the bad guys by the force of lions.
However they found lions had no power to pull the two-wheelers.
It was because lions are the animals which do not work for humans.
The Islamic world is compared to the one which go ahead by being pulled by lions.
Lions never work for humans.
(It is said it represents the Islamic world today. )

The reason why conflicts have not been cut off in the Islamic society over the years is that the teachings of the old days have been told wrong a little.
Even though they have the good teaching which forbids to worship the idols, they have made mistakes by worshiping the religious leaders.
Muhammad who stays in the world of subconsciousness now descended to Ms Taeko Shiraki and asked her to convey it to people.
When religious leaders are dominated by the Rulers' Stars, such tragedies occur like now by forcing people to do various irrational things.
However no problem would take place if they returned to the origin.

kStone humans along the Mediterranean coast have remained as stone statues. They are the stone statues in Vatican etc.l

yThe more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA) NO1z

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