The comment by Miss Taeko Shiraki about the Crop Circle made in the desert of Oregon

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth


From the mail pf Mr.Roku

> This is not Crop Circle but Desert Circle, isn't it?

Though I was anxious about it, as the English use the word 'Crop', I can't help admitting the name of Crop Circle.

According to my consideration it is nothing but the declaration of hell.

Each is forgiven to consider according to their way of thinking.
I was thinking about this graphic last night, too.
At first I noticed the graphic whose shape is like rice cakes(?) around the circle.
They show Stone gods themselves are covering the earth.
It has two stages, the first one wraps the earth and the outer one is the Stone gods who became mountains.
I hardly knew what is the clear circle over it but I was told it is the layer of air.
The rectangle shape cover the circle.
The rectangles mean Sirius and they show Sirius taught Stone gods.
There are many underground passages like these but as human beings don't realize the earth has consciousness, the atoms of underground have complaints gradually which is shown by the small triangles.
Those triangle show a little bad atoms and they are Minanoko(orphans, small groups of atoms).
Those small triangles gathered together and formed the big triangles which became Minanoko(orphans, small groups of atoms)and became the authority on the ground, I was told.
The outside straight lines show Sirius taught buildings and the straight lines up and down show South and North Pole and the straight lines of right and left show Northern and Southern Hemisphere are divided.
Each seems to show by personification of the earth.
Though I have not counted the numbers at all, there seem the meaning told by Mr.Roku.
They are not the patterns which show the fear but they show Stone gods who seem to complaine of the regret in the place where they are not monitored by Pleiades.


Thank you for your mail.

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