Stone statues of angels on parade@

By Takashi(Sennari)

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This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth


gSomething like angel wings are removed and they are dried with air. h

The meaning of the vision is as follows.

"As Stone human with wings turned into a human being, his wings were removed.
Muhammad was told to have gone out of the hole in the ceiling, as he was an angel."

It is said Muhammad had ascended riding a horse from the rock of "Dome of the Rock" in Jerusalem and footprints of him have been remained on the rock.
Both Jesus and Muhammad were Stone humans and Stone humans seemed to have lived even in the age of Renaissance.
As there seemed no ways to distinguish Stone humans from human beings, the stories of them have been handed down as the biographies of human beings.
Though I have not been told clearly by the atoms in the sky and universe, boys seems to have become Stone humans and girls become human beings in the case of mixed race between human and Stone human .
When Stone humans gave direction to the atoms of Stone humans, atoms turned into various things.
Therefore Jesus was able to change water into wine, multiply a fish to many ones and cure the blind man.

That is why people seemed to regard him as the child of God, who had the ability which was not able to be kept by human beings.

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