"You fellows" story

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"You fellows" story 

By Sennari(=Takashi)

July 1, 2008

"You fellows story"

The book titled "The origin of Jew" was written by Prof. Shlomo Sand of Western history who is the professor in the Tel Aviv University in Israel.
He insisted Jew and Palestinian have the same ancestor and he also insisted there is no ground in the founding of Israel.
His book became a best-selling book.
It told the ancestors of today's Jew were converted to Judaism in the other region and the descendants of ancient Jew are, to tell the truth, Palestinians.
---an omission of a middle part---
The professor criticized "Jewish state" which is adopted as their slogan, consequently, has no ground.
Therefore his biggest claim states that Jew should head for establishing the democratic nation in which all the citizenry in that Palestinian are included are given the equal rights.
---an omission of a middle part---.
According to the professor, most of the ancient Jew left there as farmers without being exiled and they were converted to Christianity or Islam.
Therefore ancient Jew are connected with today's Palestinian.
Ben Gurion, the first prime minister in Israel pointed out in the book published before founding of Israel that Palestinian are the descendants of Jew.
The very above story is the same as the story told by the atoms in the sky and universe which have been told consistently since 1998.
In a nutshell, the conflicts on the earth are caused by the difference of the religions.
The book titled "You fellows story" which were sent both to Palestine and Israel at an early stage tell Jew and Palestinian have the same ancestor.

This info is from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"


"You fellows" story

July 21, 2003

Our book "The earth story" given by the atoms in the sky and universe so that humans can understand the truth of the earth is written in Japanese.
It reveals the facts which have been hidden in the history until now.

This "You fellows" story is a part of the various stories written in the book.

In the old days, the culture of the world was much more advanced than we now imagine.

However, the people in the past did not have the ability to write about what their lives were like.

Therefore, all we can do until now was to imagine the life of the past by referring to scientists' research.

Now we got the information about the life of the past through channeling.

The country of Israel had an advanced culture, so the people were living happily.
And there were two types of people in Israel.
Some people wanted to live peacefully at their home land without going out anywhere.
But the others wanted to leave the country for trading.
These nomads were nicknamed "You fellows" because they wanted to associate and get involved with other people.
The name "YOU" came from their active character "We want to deal with YOU".
Those who wanted to live in their homeland Israel decided to stay in the country.
The "You fellows" people made a large ship and sailed abroad for trading, leaving the others behind.
There was a large amount of rainfall each year in Egypt back in the past, therefore many plants and animals could thrive peacefully.
There was a big tributary to the Nile River where ships could enter near the city.
"You fellows" people sailed up the tributary to the city in order to associate with the new people and find jobs there.
However, since an evil king was ruling Egypt at that time, all the "You fellows" were caught and were enslaved.
After that, rain decreased in Egypt and many trees were cut down to form a better culture.
Therefore, the tributary of the Nile River eventually turned into a vast desert and the "You fellows" ship was left in the desert.
The word of "You" have changed in a long period of time, and these "You fellows" are called Jews today.
This explains to you why Jewish people did not have a country and why they wanted to return to the land of Israel.
History after that is widely known by the story "The Israelites fled from Egypt" and many others.
The people who did not leave Israel found the Islamic religion later on and based their lives on it.
Now, they are called Palestinian.
Even though the Jewish people and the Palestinian people have different religions, they were originally from the same country and were good friends.
It is written in "The earth story."
Various religions were born after that.
The end.

Translator from Japanese to English : Gary Jr. (Our friend)


According to the information of the universe(the SKY) in these days, "You fellows" people were Stone humans.
The ships which sailed to Egypt were also the thing into which Stone humans changed.
It is conveyed in channeling that the reason why the bow of the ship is unusually long is that the giant Stone humans pulled the bow of the ship to Egypt.

Jew of Jerusalem cherish  "Wailing Wall" beyond which there is "Dome of the Rock" of the Holy Land of Islam .
Christianity, Judaism and Islam define the place the Holy Land.
That's why the channeling from atoms which claimed to be God started at the very place.
The atoms of the being which claimed to be God was Stone god who was the king of Middle East.
Stone gods has been under the Holy Land in the form of the giant stone.
As the Stone god called to various people in channeling, several religions were born at the place.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, visited forcibly the place which is said to be the Holy Land of Islam in 2000, which aroused the antipathy of the Palestinian people and suicide bombings have occurred continuously.
Why did the spirit (soul) of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon forcedly visit there?
The spirit (soul) of him descended to tell to Ms Taeko Shiraki that he wanted to visit the place where he had lived in past lives.
(It is not known what the conscious mind of him thought. )
The authenticity of this information has increased as large ships that had the traces damaged by the waves came out in reality from the desert of Egypt.



The ship of the sun.

The above information was told to a dozen of Palestine, Israel war orphans who visited Japan at the invitation of the World Federation in 2003 and 2004.
At the same time the booklets of this "You fellows" story were handed to them.
Since then those booklets were sent to Embassies of Islamic countries with the books about earthquakes and clouds.
Trumps of ruins seems to have been distributed in Iraq etc.
The ruins of only the soil and stone seem to have been left until now as the ruins whose meaning can not be understood.
However those ruins came to be regarded as the important ruins by our informations.
Therefore people in Islamic countries could escape from bondage of religion and they have had less terrorism, we think.
The late Arafat was reported to have said "Even the prophet was wrong" in life.
Atoms told me in channeling he told so as he had got to know this info.
As his remark was given several months after this booklets had been distributed, it matched temporally.

The remark of Arafat (Even the prophet made mistakes.)

We must show the courage to recognize our mistakes, there is no one free from mistakes, from me on down.
Even the prophets made mistakes.

The booklets told (Eye for an eye)and (A tooth for a tooth)and they are not the teachings of revenge.
(Eye for an eye)means "If you get a beautiful thing to see, please return the ones which look beautiful."
(A tooth for a tooth)means "If you get what you eat, please return food."
We should not monopolize the wealth of the earth.
The remark of Arafat was given after the "You fellows" story were sent to the friends of Palestine and it is firmly on record.

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