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I viewed the forum of Godlike Productions.

I felt sad to find some of the posting by the readers have not shown the understanding about atoms have consciousness, which was posted by Takashi.
Therefore I'd like to give a little more explanation about it. @

j I think Stone gods was soft like the slime is correct.
They were the beings with consciousness and smaller ones were similar to jellyfish, snails and mushrooms.
At first Stone humans were able to move with the juice into which ingredients of their parents, Stone gods seeped.
As the juice which came out of Stone gods stopped coming out later, Stone humans drank the milk of goats or alcohol.
Why did, not only the goats which put the milk but also animals for human food, turn up at the same era?
As atoms which were born in the universe had consciousness, they wanted to be born as such animals by their own will and they turned into animals.
The atoms which informed the shape of animals by rock arts or geoglyphs are the ones which gathered together in the universe with the same thought and they turned into stars.
The names of those stars were conveyed to human beings as constellations.
As the constellations gave various wisdom, atoms were able to turn into the animals with advanced intelligence in an early era.

jThe energy which was sent from the universe was so huge long ago that there were unimaginable sized dinosaurs on the earth.
The reason why such huge energy existed was the consciousness in the universe knew they were able to be materialized on the earth and atoms and Neus of all the stars, gathered together and participated in the movement to materialize.
However as atoms had a lot of experience later and learned much, they stopped forming the huge creatures and try to materialize in a small aggregation now.
Therefore fish multiply a lot , algae and locust breed abnormally suddenly.
The phenomena such as tornado, typhoon and heavy snow is brought about by the aggregation of atoms which have consciousness and they warn humans by those phenomena.
Though the land of the earth is made up with the coupling of atoms, humans tend to reject to admit the explanation even though they are told atoms have consciousness.
Therefore atoms stop supporting humans suddenly and sink holes have come to be made all over the world as is shown in The sink holes on parade.

Therefore atoms which stopped coupling, decompose and come to rest in the sky.

jThe atoms in the sky and universe have not told about "time" yet.
Though there seems to exist the parallel world in different dimension, I can't explain now.
However I've experienced it previously.

jMost of you may not believe in the woman who can talk with atoms.
In my website you can see images of my touring the ruins .

There are a lot of earthquakes in Japan.
Those earthquakes are informed by the clouds, because the clouds are the aggregation of atoms with consciousness.
Those images of the clouds have the description in Japanese but the character of M and number beside the image show the forecast of big earthquake.

The following is the example of (M and the number).

May 18, 2013

17:53 on May 17 in Sanda-city, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan(Off the coast of Fukusima Prefecture M6.0)

Those commentaries are confusing if you don't understand the information from the SKY (SORA), the universe,which had been issued for fifteen years and moreover it is especially difficult to explain in English.

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The posting to the Forum by Ms Taeko Shiraki


Thank you for your mail.

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