Why are there very few remains made of iron? 

By Takashi(Sennari)

I wondered suddenly why stone civilization has been left on the ground.
According to the information from the SKY (SORA), the universe, Stone gods had known that they would be solidified by the Ruler's Stars.
Therefore they made various things with stones so that future human beings would understand the existence of Stone gods.
Stone is heavy indeed.
Therefore I was able to understand to some extent if Stone gods left the stone work, future human beings might think such heavy work could not be made by primitive humans.
Then I thought though stones are heavy, iron is heavier.
Why didn't Stone gods make the relics with iron, I thought.
Though iron rust, they say there are some kind of iron which does not rust like orichalc(h)or orichalcum.
Then why didn't Stone gods make relics with orichalc(h)or orichalcum without using stone?

Then I hit upon the answer of it.
If they made relics with the material like orichalc(h)or orichalcum, they would soon disappear on the earth because human beings would take advantage of them for the tool for the war by making cannons, ships or airplane.
Stone gods might think it was better to make relics with heavy material but useless for the tools of war.
Or it might be easier for them to turn into stones.
However the reliable answer about why did Stone gods choose stone for the material of relics will not be got if we don't ask Ms Taeko Shiraki.
Ms Taeko Shiraki was kind enough to answer for my question, which is written below.

Why did Stone gods turn into stone relics?
As it is written in the published book titled (the information from the SKY (SORA), the universe), many Stone gods descended to the earth in the form of "S".
Thereafter "i" sticked to S and turned into Si(Silicon).
"i" is not iodine.
(Chemical symbol of iodine is I (capital letter))

This "i" is the substance which is not told in modern theory but it is a semi-material.
It is "i" of consciousness =love.
Moreover S might not be the sulfur at first.
The important matter is why it became the form of S.
The sulfur seems to be the name which was given later.
Silicon is included in the ingredients of stones and soil, which have been left a lot on the earth.
As it is possible to form the shape in a stable situation, many of the Stone gods seemed to turn into the stone.
As the change from the helium is needed to become iron, it existed less compared with Silicon.
Moreover it was necessary to be bonded more firmly in order to become the iron that does not rust.
Therefore less atoms seemed to try to become such material.
Iron is apt to rust earlier and can turn into another thing.
Therefore some atoms turned into bronze statues without turning into stone statues.
Those atoms which liked conflict seemed to be a little bad ones.
As iron is apt to be used for wars as is told by Takashi, my description may be connected with the Takashi's consideration.

As is told above by Ms Taeko Shiraki, the reason why most of the relics were made of stones and there is almost no relics of iron is that Stone gods descended to the earth in the form of "S" at first, but "i"(so-called "love") sticked to it and turned into Si(Silicon).
It was stone that a lot of Si (Silicon) is included in it.
The long and short of it the reason why there are lots of stone relics is that the first shape of Stone gods which descended to the earth was "S" and Stone gods had love("i" in Japanese) by which they wanted to make the earth 'Star of Hope'.
The feeling of "i" sticked to S and the coupling of "S" and "i" turned into Si (Silicon) which is a lot included in the stone.

The long and short of it the substance which have lots of Silicon was similar to stone.
However there were some atoms of a little bad and they turned into those of iron series like bronze relic.

As they were a little bad , they turned into metal group like bronze statues of alloy with copper , tin and lead which are related to wars.
However it was more difficult than turning into Silicon, less relic of bronze have been left.

According to the information from the SKY(SORA), the universe, chemical symbol was conveyed to human beings through the telepathy by the atoms in the sky and universe.
I thought I should have read it earlier, because if I had known it, I would have studied Chemical symbol harder.


Thank you for your mail.

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