Bronze statues were made in late age of Atlantis

By Takashi(Sennari)

I wrote as follows in Why are there very few remains made of iron?

As is told above by Ms Taeko Shiraki, the reason why most of the relics were made of stones and there is almost no relics of iron is that Stone gods descended to the earth in the form of "S" at first, but "i"(so-called "love") sticked to it and turned into Si(Silicon).
It was stone that a lot of Si (Silicon) is included in it.
The long and short of it the reason why there are lots of stone relics is that the first shape of Stone gods which descended to the earth was "S" and Stone gods had love("i" in Japanese) by which they wanted to make the earth 'Star of Hope'.
The feeling of "i" sticked to S and the coupling of "S" and "i" turned into Si (Silicon) which is a lot included in the stone.

The long and short of it the substance which have lots of Silicon was similar to stone.
However there were some atoms of a little bad and they turned into those of iron series like bronze relic.

As they were a little bad , they turned into metal group like bronze statues of alloy with copper , tin and lead which are related to wars.
However it was more difficult than turning into Silicon, less relic of bronze have been left.

Miss Taeko Shiraki asked me to change the above colored sentences as follows.

The reason why less bronze statues were made than stone statues is not that it was difficult to turn into bronze statues but less atoms wanted to turn into them.

By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler)

Bronze statues were made in late age of Atlantis when the Ruler's Stars descended and made Atlantis people contentious.
They were not made in early age of Atlantis because there were less contentious atoms there .

The contents which was corrected was great, too.
I was surprised to be told the age of Atlantis was divided into early age and late age.
Though the people in early age of Atlantis lived happily, the life of people in late age of Atlantis became full of conflicts, because the Ruler's Stars descended there.
I found another info in The information from UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.

Pleiades is the child of Sagittarius.
Why did he become such a villain?
He was indulged as he was the first child.
So he can no longer stop selfish.

I was at a loss for those wordsª.


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