By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth


The word 'Robot' is used as the meaning written below.
They are the subordinates of the beings from the sky and they mean the beings before becoming a star.
They can descend to the earth freely because they are the atoms which are invisible to the eyes.
They stay and watch human act near human beings and they report the human act to the stars one by one.
What the robot is made of ?
They are the atoms before becoming particles of light.
The particles of light are made of the gathering of the fellow atoms.
The celestial raiment is the robots of the atoms from the sky.
They are the thin clouds which look as if they were made by sweeping a brush. The thick fluffy clouds seemed to be made by the robots of Stone gods.
The round ball of light called "orb" seems to be the robot of Stone gods.

The rapping sound which resound like biff suddenly is made by robots.
I think it is the same with "the nine worms in the three corpses" which are told in Taoism.


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