Crop Circle 1~10

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Crop Circle 1---10

By Sennari(=Takashi)

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

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The following is the description about the Crop Circle told by THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.



It is the horn of the Ruler's Stars. The stars which want to dominate surrounds the earth. The star in front shows Pleiades and the one in behind shows the outer stars of galaxy. The outside ring represents our stars without names.



Please do not laugh. It is a hole. The hole shows the place from which a child is born.



This is the appearance of Stone god, which shows it gave birth to a child. Hands and feet are very small, aren't they? Stone gods built pyramids with these small hands and feet. Though the face is not drawn, it had only one eye. They gave limbs to humans who came to be born. They were able to form any shape that they wanted.



It means there are the body of the consciousness like this in the other side of the universe. They are the identities of the Ruler's Stars which have dominated humans until now. Though nobody can see them, all of them have sticked to the wicked persons.



This is the siege which was carried out by Pleiades, the Ruler's Stars. The outer circle shows ourselves. The outer layer of the circle got thicker, didn't it? It shows the scene that we are attacking.



The crescent moon. This is the pattern of the universe before star war. The stars which did not want to be lined up in an orderly manner gathered to the Milky Way. It is called 'star war' even though real war didn't take place. All the stars had kept the balance one another and had got along with one another until the star wars. The center circle represents the Ohmoto(the central) and around which represents Sagittarius. (Supplement of April 4,2004; As this info was given by the white clusters first, they seems to have told mainly about themselves.)



It means the spirits of the white clusters (Lucifer=asteroid belong to them)are coming and going. Both ends (not visible as they are spirits) show the woman and the man of the Sun.



A human face was drawn in one stroke. The outer circle is Virgo, Orion and the Ruler's Stars which are no longer there. It means spirit is connected by a line. The middle circle is the Sun. Four small ones in the outermost represent the letters. The letters tell the story of the white clusters.


The center circle represents the sun and the white clusters. The outside part of the center circle means there are lots of universe? They thought they had built Atlantis at the end of the universe, but it was found to be on the same earth?

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