Great Wall of China@

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is translated into English from@"Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

Great Wall of China

Stone god told me as follows through the channeling.

"Great Wall of China was made by Stone gods, too.

iWhy did you make it? j

All of Stone gods had a consultation.
Even though we Stone gods made various things and tried to let human beings know about ourselves, we knew humans would insist those things were made by human beings.
Therefore we talked to make castles as long as 6000 km on the high place where it is impossible for human beings to make.
We wanted human beings to realize our existence.

As it has finally be noticed by a human(=Ms Taeko Shiraki), I am delighted to tears.

(Tears come out only from left eyes of mine.)

Great Wall of China was not made by piling up the stones.
The giants talked to the atoms of their bodies so that they would turn into those shapes.
And the atoms were connected with each other firmly.
When the connection is insuficient, humans can't pass through it as is found in some parts of Great Wall .
The population in the age of Shi Huangdi was very small, because the number of humanity didn't increase satisfactorily even though we made humans.
Please think if it is possible to make the Great Wall as long as 6000 km with the slight population."

(Humanity can go through only one part of 6000km Great Wall and other parts have collapsed.
It is difficult to repair the collapsed part even in modern times.
When I view the photo of Great Wall, I thought let alone it is impossible to carry the stones on top of the mountain and build Great Wall with the small population, )

Great Wall of China

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