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This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

This is from the dictionary of 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.


Postscript on May 16, 2007

The powerful presence which is in the group of the Ruler's Stars staying in the world of subconsciousness sometimes show the dream of harassment.
It was found recently.
Also, only words seem to be transmitted in the world of subconsciousness.
Therefore some of the dreams express the concept of the words.
Dream is decided by the consultation between the subconsciousness(=spirit of the person) and stars.

In case of scary dreams, they show the clear ones which can be remembered even later clearly in order to let the person know it is informed by spirits.
Therefore they are the dream of contact and not the bad dream.

The dream of vehicles show the way you are going is correct.
The dream of fire is the intense one which is shown to extinguish the painful memory bygone days.

The dream which shows that you have nothing to wear means you should stare at the inner world without caring only appearance.

(It has another meaning, too.
Two of the readers of this site have once introduced it to the other people and they were not accepted by people and were humiliated.
The event was expressed by the dream which showed they went out without wearing skirts.
Two of them had the same dream at the same night.)

The dream to dive in the elevator, shows that a person is awakening spiritually , but it is warning that the person is involved in funny things (such as religion).

The dream about the cat.= It means the person is involved in the thoughts of the Ruler's Stars.

The dream to show there are no more footwear.= The spirit of the person informs that the road along which he is going now is wrong spiritually.


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