Crop Circle NO 500-512@

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is translated into English from@"Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

Crop Circle No.512

2013/5/20(Three and six is important)

Atoms in the earth which are called Minanoko(small groups of atoms) is small but they inform us that it is important to know the meaning of three and six.
Humanity is made up of body, consciousness and subconsciousness or it is made up of body, consciousness and the thought which made humanity want to live.
Torso and limbs corresponds to 5.
Consciousness is added to 5 and become 6.


Crop Circle No.511

2013/5/20(The unity inside the earth)

Atoms of Stone gods are bonded happily like this and support the earth.
The same pattern is repeated and repeated same pattern has two meanings.
One of them means there are also different meaning.
The other means they want humans to know firmly.


Crop Circle No.510

2013/5/20@The anger of Stone gods

However often atoms try to let humanity know 'Atoms have consciousness'(= the earth has consciousness), humanity don't admit it.
Therefore Stone gods in the underground get angry and try to let humanity know it with sink holes in various locations.


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