Work of the parotid gland,Generation of thinking=universe  

By Sennari(=Takashi)

This info is translated into English from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

Work of the parotid gland|Generation of thinking=universe

In the evening of Jan 8, 2005

I felt uncomfortable in the parotid gland.
Channeling started.

Parotid gland(wikipedia) is the organ which sends the directive to the body.
It was made by the atoms of the stars.
The reason why it is located near the ear is it is near the brain and can convey the information as fast as possible.
Though human body was devised by Stone gods, brain was devised by the atoms of the stars.
The reason why there are branches of the nerves in the brain is that they can grow until the death visits.
People develop the disease of Cerebral infarction when the part which gets unnecessary for the person stops growing.
The reason why the bud of nearve extends is the brain of the person wants to know the new things.

Human beings are obsessed with an idea that human beings think with the brain,but it is wrong.
Brain is a mere place to transmit.
Though it may be unexpected idea, human body does not think.
The thought does not spring in the brain.
All the human thought is sent as the directive from the universe.
The parotid gland works to convey the thought to the nerve.

(I thought it was unbelievable. )

You will see it when you think about what you have learned so far.
Stars know it.
Why does consciousness remain after the death and why does it come to contact after the death of the body?
If the thinking occurs in the brain, consciousness exists no longer after the death of the brain.
You might know many cases which tell that the consciousness which have been kept in humanity exit from the body and look down his or her own body after the death of the body.(Near-death experienc)
Destination of the consciousness is the life after death.
That consciousness is a collection of a variety of ideas.
The idea is sent from the universe.

(Because it was the thing which I was not able even to think, I asked questions for the various check, but there was a limit in the human imagination. )


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